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How to fit circle frame of your picture in Canva


Perfect your visual presentations in Canva by mastering the art of fitting a circle frame around your images. Elevate the aesthetics of your designs with this guide, offering a seamless process to effortlessly adjust and optimize the circular framing of your pictures. Enhance your design precision and overall appeal, ensuring a polished and professional look that captivates your audience. Unlock the full potential of Canva with step-by-step instructions on creating visually stunning compositions with perfectly fitted circle frames.

1. Choose a design document to work on

1 Click on "Image"

2. Find and select the 'Elements' tab

2 Click on "Elements"

3. Identify and pick the image you want to frame

3 Click here

4. Next, click on 'Frame' from options

4 Click on "Frame"

5. To locate more options, click on 'See all'

5 Click on "See all"

6. Select the frame that suits your image best

6 Click here

7. Drag your chosen image to the frame to fit it in automatically

7 Click here

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