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How to use the SEMRush advertising research tool


Maximize your advertising strategy with the SEMRush Advertising Research Tool. Streamline your workflow by effectively utilizing features to analyze and enhance your ad campaigns. This comprehensive guide offers a seamless walkthrough on harnessing the tool's capabilities, empowering you to optimize efficiency and gain clarity in advertising management within the SEMRush platform. Elevate your advertising endeavors with this user-friendly guide.

1. Locate and click the 'Advertising' button.

1 Click on "Advertising"

2. Now find and choose 'Advertising Research' option.

2 Click on "Advertising Research"

3. Into the blank field, type in your domain.

3 Click here

4. Afterwards, select the 'Search' button to proceed.

4 Click on "Search"

5. Inspect and interpret available metrics for analysis.

5 Click on "Advanced filters"

6. Next, go to and monitor the 'Competitors' tab.

6 Click on "Competitors"

7. Subsequently, navigate to and select 'Ads Copies' tab.

7 Click on "Ads Copies"

8. Move on to the 'Ads History' tab and click it.

8 Click on "Ads History"

9. Lastly, access and survey the 'Subdomains' tab.

9 Click on "Subdomains"

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