What is Synthetic Voice Audio?

Synthetic voice audio refers to the process of generating lifelike (human-like) voice recordings using artificial intelligence. By analyzing and synthesizing vast amounts of audio data, AI models replicate human speech with astonishing realism, producing voice clones that are nearly indistinguishable from the original voice.

Want to see synthetic voice audio in action? Simply click the example below!

What are the benefits of Synthetic AI Voices in product demos?

1. Personalization

By using synthetic AI voiceovers, you can customize your narration based on your use case and prospect, enabling a highly personalized experience. For instance, you can use an upbeat voiceover for product marketing launches, an informative, calm voice for customer onboarding, and a British voice for a prospect in England.

2. Efficiency

With AI voiceovers, you can add the magic of personalized demo narration in just a few seconds. Instead of preparing a script and re-recording your voice multiple times (stutters, anyone?), you can produce large volumes of demo content in a fraction of the time required for traditional recording. This is especially important for functions like customer success.

What are interactive product demos?

Interactive product demos are a step-by-step, guided demonstration of a product or workflow. When compared to static images or lengthy video demos, interactive demos are much faster to create, easier to scale in volume, and more immersive for end viewers.

Interactive demos can be utilized for multiple use cases, with the primary channels being pre-sales, enablement, marketing, and customer success.

How to leverage synthetic AI voices within interactive product demos

With Supademo, anyone can add realistic, synthetic AI voiceovers to their interactive demo in under 10 seconds.

Here's a step-by-step interactive demo on how you can achieve this:

Supademo leverages leading AI models like OpenAI and ElevenLabs to create realistic, life-like voices that span multiple tones, accents, and languages.


Both synthetic AI voiceovers and interactive demos are powerful standalone tools for personalizing and scaling product content for diverse audiences.

But by leveraging the two in tandem, you can create an even more engaging, versatile tool to close more deals, drive enablement, and visually guide customers.

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