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Supademo has been recognized as a Leader in the Demo Automation software category for Spring 2024.

This achievement saw us receive not one but three Leader badges: one for the overall demo automation grid report, one for the small business category, and another for the general pre-sales software category.

This recognition is a testament to our customers' trust and satisfaction in Supademo, which they rely on to enhance their processes across pre-sales, product marketing, and customer success.

As one of the top product demo tools on the market, Supademo has been recognized as a leader in usability, tying for the #1 spot on G2 with a score of 9.3. In fact, Supademo was named a G2 Leader in the following categories: ease-of-use and time-to-value:

"We're ecstatic to be named a G2 Leader in Demo Automation and Presales. It's a testament to Supademo's growing impact and the amazing relationships we're forging with our partners." - Joseph Lee, CEO of Supademo

Being awarded these G2 Leader badges shows the effort our team put into improving the product daily. It is a significant honour, reflecting the positive reviews and high ratings from actual users of Supademo.

What customers are saying on G2

Our customers have made it all possible with their helpful feedback.

As the Head of Marketing at Porter Metrics, Daniela utilizes Supademo as their central hub for marketing and product activities every week. She uses it for qualifying product tours, as an onboarding asset, and for interactive demos within enablement.

"We absolutely love Supademo. It's been a huge asset - not only for product marketing but across support, onboarding, and programmatic content."

Similarly, Felix, Head of Presales, at Easy, uses Supademo across multiple departments to drive home real ROI.

Supademo has been a huge asset across multiple departments and workflows across easy. We use Supademo across multiple departments, which cover all of our software solutions."

Keith, a SaaS founder, left a sterling G2 review about Supademo's ease of use, saying:

"Supademo is so easy to use that in our first trial out with our team, we could hardly believe that by merely clicking our web app, Supademo captured all the actions with the correct interpretation of the button clicks and wrote up the action details with their AI"

Another G2 user points out how Supademo's feature-packed, but intuitive platform has changed their customer enablement motions:

Supademo has been a game changer for us when it comes to making our product even simpler for our users to grasp and helping them during the actual onboarding process.
Read more of our customer reviews on G2
Read more of our customer reviews on G2

Building the future of demo automation

While the entire Supademo team is honored to be recognized as a G2 Leader, we're just getting started. We have dozens of high-impact features in our roadmap – each contributing to our mission of empowering one million businesses to educate and grow their customers.

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