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Traditional buying journeys can suck

One of the most frustrating aspects of the software buying process is when companies make you jump through multiple hoops to just to see the product.

Whether it’s having to answer a million discovery questions, having to sift through stale documentation to get a high level snapshot, or being forced to fill out forms to see a demo, it’s a process that flat-out sucks.

This is why we're excited to roll out our native integration lemcal – part of the amazing lempire family, which was last valued at $150M.

Benefits of using interactive demos in calendar scheduling

First off, we're grateful that lemcal has chosen Supademo as their platform of choice for embedding interactive product demos onto their booking pages.

Over 10,000 users leverage Supademo and lemcal (respectively) for sales, marketing, and customer success efforts – making our partnership a natural fit.

Now, lemcal customers can now qualify, empower and enable their prospects visually by "showing, not telling" instead of forcing prospects to schedule a demo to learn more about their product.

This comes with an array of potential benefits including:

  • Qualify leads asynchronously directly on your calendar, without the need for a questionnaire or discovery call;
  • Disqualify 'non-fit' customers – saving you time and opportunity cost;
  • Empower prospects to self-educate on features and benefits, helping you refocus your scheduled call into a two-way dialogue vs. one-way monologue;
  • Increase demo booking conversions by engaging top-of-funnel prospects;

In 2024, having an attractive and functional booking page is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. lemcal, a leading platform in scheduling, is now even more attractive and functional with Supademo.

Step-by-step: how to embed Supademo in lemcal

Whether you want to leverage interactive demos for sales prospecting or for onboarding customers, adding the power of interactive product demos to lemcal is easy.

Existing Supademo users can simply copy and paste their desired Supademo link to their Lemcal booking page to make it fully interactive.

Here's a step-by-step demo guide (with sound):

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