We’re excited to share a preview of several big updates on Supademo, rolling out starting this week:

✍🏻 Quick Editing and Redactions

With this feature, you can quickly crop, annotate, or redact demo slides without leaving the online editor:
• Add arrows, circles & squares to annotate areas of interest
• Redact sensitive info like emails or company names


💻 Custom Domains

Amplify your brand by customizing the URL for your demos (i.e. subdomain.your-domain.com). Previous embeds and links will continue to work as expected.


💼 SSO (Single Sign-On)

Enterprise customers now have access to single sign-on and directory sync for added security and ease of use.


🚅 Performance and Mobile Improvements

We've made several optimizations to improve the performance of your Supademo. When viewing on mobile, users can now expand and collapse text annotations and flip between slides more seamlessly.

🏘 Bundle Supademo into Showcase

Add, organize, share, or embed one URL that contains related interactive demos. Perfect for website tours, user onboarding, and pre-sales demos. This major feature will be released on June 7th.

Additionally, we have two noteworthy updates:

Please hit “reply” to drop any questions or feedback. We’re here as a resource to help you find success.

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