In our increasingly digital era, more and more software buyers have come to expect asynchronous, product-led (PLG) buying experiences from their vendors. With the growing trend of async collaboration and remote work, platforms like Flowla are riding this trend with an aim of delivering a buyer experience that wins deals.

Since launching in London during 2022, Flowla has quickly grown to service growing companies at Hubspot, UserGuiding, and Deel - helping them 2x their pipelines and shorten sales cycles by 35%.

On the other hand, Supademo is an AI-powered interactive demo platform used by 6,000+ users at leading companies like Jotform, Mixpanel, and Processmaker - who have created 15,000+ interactive demos to drive user adoption and engagement.

While operating adjacent products, the value of Supademo and Flowla is amplified when leveraged together. Here are three clear examples of how these two products create an awesome PLG buyer experience for SaaS companies.

Three benefits to embedding an interactive Supademo in Flowla

1) Richer buyer experiences

Flowla is already an interactive buying experience - helping PLG buyers navigate the software purchasing decision in a unified, step-by-step process.

This playful interactivity can be made richer by embedding an interactive demo. By doing so, buyers can learn about specific features and benefits in a visual, click-through path - all within the existing purchasing journey. This is in contrast to screenshots that lack context or videos that are heavy and are often never watched.

Embedding Supademo in Flowla allows buyers to experience the product firsthand, leading to deeper customer understanding and connection with the product.

2) Self-paced and product-led

A Supademo embedded within Flowla allows sellers to showcase product capabilities in a visual, product-led way - leading to more informed purchase decisions.

Sellers on Flowla can embed a singular Supademo or a group of Supademos into a singular Flowla slide - giving them control over how much of the product to showcase, without burdening them with too much up-front content.

This self-paced, asynchronous buyer journey decreases friction, increases deal velocity, and easily loops in other champions and decision makers. '

Adding an interactive Supademo to Flowla lets your product speak for itself within the buyer journey or onboarding flow.

3) Increased conversion rates

Both Supademo and Flowla are proven tools to increase buyer conversion rates within the sales process.

Flowla's interactive, all-in-one platform allows sellers to group together all of the elements of the buyer journey into one centralized link. This minimizes friction and context switching - ultimately driving decision velocity and success.

Supademo's AI interactive demo platform allows buyers to "try before they buy" and quickly learn about a product's features and benefits at their own pace. Humans are visual learners and Supademo guides them to the "aha moment" of a product to increase conversion rates.


Forward-thinking software companies are increasingly turning to asynchronous, PLG sales and onboarding solutions like Supademo and Flowla to speed up processes, wow buyers, and increase win rates.

As these standards become increasingly expected, companies that leverage platforms like Supademo and Flowla will unlock a more effective buyer experience that wins more deals.

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