This article will walk you through how to create an effective Figma demo. In just a few minutes, you can supercharge your existing Figma screens by turning them into an interactive Supademo.

By the end of this post, you'll be able to create your own interactive Figma demo by exporting prototypes from your existing Figma project – all in a way that's much faster than through Figma's built-in prototyping functionality.

Interactive prototyping - is it the best way to create a Figma demo?

Figma is a collaborative design and prototyping tool that enables product managers and designers to work together in real-time.

Figma operates entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for local installations and ensuring that everyone is always working with the latest version of a design. This promotes a unified and up-to-date design process. It's an especially valuable tool for product managers and product designers working on designing, validating, and shipping new features.

While the platform offers the ability to create a Figma demo by using interactive prototypes directly, it can be a time-consuming, and technically complex process. In addition to this, interactive prototyping on Figma comes with several challenges 👇🏼

Limitations of Figma's interactive prototyping

Linking screens on Figma can be a disaster. Image by Luke Dowding.

While creating a simple Figma demo is relatively straightforward, prototyping in Figma does have its downsides. According to users on several blog posts and community posts, the most common limitations of clickable demos on Figma include:

  • Traditional Figma demos don't feel like a realistic, polished product;
  • Interactive prototypes are time-consuming to build;
  • Complicated to link multiple screens and buttons together;
  • Interactive Figma demos require a lot of specialized, technical know-how;
  • Difficult to keep updated or iterate on minor changes;
  • Can easily be inferred as a non-working prototype by end users - leading to biases and decreased trust;
  • Figma demos are usually not responsive for mobile devices or different screen sizes;
  • Can't easily embed onto websites, onboarding, or documentation;
  • Unable to easily autoplay the experience like a video;
  • Unable to easily add overlays to add context or add CTAs to drive action;

In all, it can be a complicated, time-consuming process to create a polished, clickable prototype demo on Figma.

Luckily there's a better way

Supademo is a platform for creating and sharing beautifully interactive, AI-powered interactive product demos. Using Supademo, teams can communicate more effectively, validate MVPs, and drive product adoption.

Anyone can use Supademo's intuitive Chrome extension to create interactive demos, or quickly create realistic Figma demos by bulk uploading existing Figma screens.

Here's a 10-click interactive demo on how to create a Figma demo 🎯

By using Supademo, you can supercharge your existing Figma screens and transform them into a high-fidelity, realistic interactive product demo - ready to be shared or embedded anywhere.

Benefits of creating an interactive Figma prototype through Supademo

Aside for ease of use and faster prototyping demos with less effort, there are several key benefits of using Supademo for Figma prototyping:

  • Add dynamic hotspots and text annotations to add context to your Figma prototype;
  • Share your Figma prototype through a custom domain or professional URL;
  • Add AI-powered voiceover or text traslations in seconds;
  • Add overlays for context or CTAs to drive action (i.e. adding a Calendly link to book a design discovery call)
  • Visually indicate clickable elements across your Figma prototype;
  • Ensure your Figma prototype is responsive for mobile and desktop screens;

An example of an interactive Figma prototype demo - supercharged with Supademo


Product managers and product designers are increasingly looking for simple, fast ways to create interactive Figma prototypes. By uploading your existing Figma screens to Supademo, product professionals can rapidly create high-fidelity, interactive prototypes and validate new features seamlessly.

Ready to try creating interactive Figma prototypes with Supademo? Sign up for free here, no credit card required!

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