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6 Ways to Use Interactive Product Demos to Enable Customers

6 Ways to Use Interactive Product Demos to Enable Customers

At one point or another, we've all experienced the harrowing pain of journeying through countless, opaque sales calls – only to have the actual product demo hidden from view. Far too often, the software purchasing experience is exactly the above - an annoying, painful process that is way more complex than it should be.

Luckily, in our era of product-led growth, these norms are starting to reverse. Modern buyers have increasingly started to demand product-led experiences, where they can self-qualify, preview the product, and educate themselves before they talk to sales. This is why forward-thinking companies are increasingly leveraging interactive product demos to engage modern buyers early and often in the discovery, consideration, and adoption process.

Considering this growing trend, here are some example use cases on how to best leverage interactive product demos in your organization.

a business woman who is stressed and frustrated
POV - when AEs walk through a 30 page slide instead of demoing the product.

First off- what is an interactive demo?

Interactive demos are step-by-step, self-paced demonstrations of a product or workflow. It is the ultimate way to "show, not tell", enabling prospects and customers to experience products in an engaging and frictionless way.

This hands-on experience helps customers quickly grasp a product or feature's "aha moment", without a paywall, subscription, or sales demo. This helps breed trust, confidence, and ease of adoption.

Interactive demos have many use cases across the software discovery, purchase, and adoption process – with popular examples listed below!


1. Self-paced onboarding guides

Interactive demos can help shorten customers' time-to-value with user-friendly, async onboarding that emphasizes learning by doing. Interactive product demos help:

  • Make onboarding async and self-paced, increasing adherence and adoption;
  • Create multiple entry points for onboarding, increasing accessibility;

Ultimately, they're an amazing resource for effective product walkthroughs, learning academies, or onboarding guides. Here's how we use interactive product demos at Supademo to onboard our own customers:

2. Knowledge bases and support docs

Knowledge bases, support docs, and product learning academies are prime assets to embed interactive product demos into. Humans are visual learners - so what better way to guide customers than to let them learn by doing, directly within the docs?

This in turn helps mitigate unnecessary support requests, expand product education, and increase product adoption.

Example - ProcessMaker uses interactive demos in their docs to increase adoption save time vs. screenshot or video-based guides.


3. Website product tours

Modern product marketing teams use interactive product demos as a way to better engage website visitors. By embedding an interactive, hands-on experience of the product, marketing teams drive MQLs, increase website conversion, and improve engagement overall.

Interactive productdemos allow you to showcase your product's "aha moment" quickly and effectively, reducing perceived friction.

Here's a 12 click tour we use on our website:

4. Product updates & changelogs

Embed interactive product demos on changelogs and product updates to turn boring, static screenshots into interactive, engaging assets.

This helps drive interest for new and existing features, increase adoption, and explain how new features work beyond just words or jargon. Ultimately, this drives feature education and helps customers understand features and benefits in a quick, bite-sized format.

Here's an example from our last product update blog 👇🏽


5. Email outreach

A increasing number of companies are using interactive demos as pre-demo and post-demo demos (meta!) to loop in prospects and decision makers.

Why? Interactive product demos are highly effective throughout email outreach - whether cold or warm. It can help you "show not tell" while keeping relevant features and benefits top-of mind.

Singular interactive demos or showcases are easily shareable, trackable assets that your prospects (or champions) can use to sell other decision makers on their team.

6. Post-demo sales collateral

Forward-thinking teams are using interactive product demos close more deals - by adding them to sequences, sales collateral, and to their post-demo motions. This helps arm champions with a foolproof way to sell your product to their team, the right way.

Furthermore, interactive demos are a great way to loop in decision-makers who may not have attended the demo. What better way to recap your key features and benefits than by letting them experience the magic of your product themselves!

Example - Easy closes 6-figure deals by leveraging interactive, on-demand demos throughout their sales motions.

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