The rapid ascent of Product-Led Growth (PLG) has sparked an unprecedented surge of inventive tools and strategies meticulously crafted to expedite customers' immersive encounters with awe-inspiring products.

Such has been the astounding momentum in this realm that renowned industry authority G2 has recently established a dedicated category exclusively focusing on the realm of demo automation. Notably, Gartner, a harbinger of emerging trends, is poised to follow suit, identifying a fertile ground where venture capitalists are eagerly circling in anticipation of the unfolding possibilities within the demo and product experience space.

Curiously, the true essence of demo software, its diverse manifestations, and its practical utilization remain largely veiled to the masses. In this enlightening discourse, we embark on an exploration to unveil the enigma of demo software, unveiling its three primary incarnations while equipping you with technology recommendations tailored to each type of demo.

Get ready for an eye-opening adventure into the world of demo software, where you'll discover life-changing experiences. Explore unexplored realms and unlock limitless possibilities to transform how you engage with products. Join us as we demystify the secrets and empower you to harness the incredible power of demos, forever revolutionizing your product interactions.

What exactly constitutes demo software?

Demo software serves as a valuable aid for teams seeking to present their product to potential buyers and end-users effectively.

In essence, it encompasses a collection of no-code tools specifically crafted to enhance software product demos. These versatile solutions encompass various forms, ranging from tools that enhance live demos to those that facilitate video demos or interactive product demonstrations.

Types of software demos

In the sections below, we delve into three primary categories of sales demo software, presenting our recommended tools and providing a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and considerations associated with each approach.

1) Live demo software

Live demo software enables sales representatives and engineers to showcase products in real-time. These demos commonly occur during online meetings, where the presenter shares their screen with prospects. Depending on the specific challenges or unique use cases the prospects are facing, the presenter highlights relevant product features, allowing the audience to watch and listen attentively.


  1. Seamless interaction with prospects: Live demos enable direct engagement and immediate interaction with your potential customers, fostering a dynamic and personalized experience.
  2. On-the-spot question handling: Sales representatives and engineers can swiftly address queries and provide real-time answers during live demos, enhancing prospect engagement and satisfaction.
  3. Tailored presentations: Live demos offer the flexibility to customize presentations according to each prospect's specific requirements, ensuring a highly relevant and impactful demonstration.
  4. Cost-effective solution: Most live demo software options are affordable, making it a budget-friendly choice for showcasing your product to potential customers.


  1. Lack of complete repeatability: Live demos may not be identical for every prospect, necessitating synchronization and preparation by sales reps or engineers ahead of each session to cater to individual needs and preferences.
  2. Dependency on schedules: Conducting live demos is contingent upon the availability of both the prospect and the salesperson, which means they cannot be conducted on-demand and require coordination of schedules.

2) Demo video software

Demo video software offers a convenient way to demonstrate specific product features without requiring prospects to engage in a free trial or demo environment. By creating multiple videos, each focused on a distinct feature, efficiency is maximized as these videos can be reused. With the aid of demo video software, the creation, sharing, and comprehension of even the most complex product concepts become effortless for prospects.


  1. Effective for visual learners: Video demos cater to individuals who absorb information better through visual means, ensuring optimal comprehension and engagement.
  2. Reusability for multiple purposes: Video demos can be repurposed for future sales conversations, marketing materials, or onboarding resources, maximizing their value and reach.
  3. Addressing a broad audience: Video demos have the advantage of reaching a wide audience, making them suitable for mass communication and dissemination of product information.
  4. Providing clear expectations: By showcasing your tool in a video demo, customers gain a clear understanding of what to expect when they make a purchase, enhancing transparency and informed decision-making.


  1. Impersonal nature: Video demos cater to a diverse audience, which may encompass individuals facing different use cases or challenges. As a result, the personalized touch of addressing specific pain points may be lost.
  2. Limited interactivity: Video demos do not provide prospects with a hands-on experience. While they can see the product in action, the inability to interact with it may hinder their desire to fully try and explore it before making a purchase decision.
  3. Cost considerations: Creating high-quality product videos can be expensive, particularly when factoring in the need for updates whenever the product's user interface undergoes changes.

3) Interactive demo software

Interactive demos provide a lightweight and clickable representation of your product, eliminating the need for coding or engineering configurations. These demos empower potential buyers to actively engage with the product, gaining familiarity with its functionalities before making a purchase decision.


  1. Early product engagement: Interactive demos enable prospects to experience and interact with the product at an early stage, accelerating their understanding of the product's value proposition.
  2. Personalized and impactful demonstrations: Interactive demos can be customized and tailored to each Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), effectively guiding prospects towards key "aha" moments that highlight the product's relevance to their specific needs.
  3. Quick and efficient implementation: Interactive demos are built without the need for coding, allowing for rapid development and deployment within a few days, streamlining the onboarding process.


  1. Risk of competitors gaining insights: There is a potential risk of competitors accessing and observing the product through interactive demos, which may impact competitive advantage and intellectual property protection.
  2. Customer demand for personalized data: Some customers may require demos using their own data to fully evaluate the product's capabilities. However, since product tours in interactive demos are front-end captures, they do not utilize actual customer data, which may present a limitation in certain scenarios.

Top Live Demo Softwares

1) Saleo

Saleo leverages your current live environment and seamlessly integrates data into the platform, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted demo experience. By eliminating the typical issue of demos disconnecting from the comprehensive data that drives the full product, functionality problems are effectively mitigated.

2) Demo Gorilla

Demo Gorilla, a powerful browser extension designed for live SaaS demos, equipping your sales teams with precise guidance on effectively selling your product. With Demo Gorilla's integrated presenter notes, representatives gain synchronized talking points that dynamically adapt as they navigate through your application.

This ensures that they consistently possess the most contextually relevant information to share with prospects, enhancing the impact and effectiveness of each demo.

3) DemoDesk

DemoDesk fosters a collaborative environment that encourages active engagement from all participants. With DemoDesk, sales representatives can conveniently prepopulate talk tracks tailored to specific use cases, upload valuable battle cards, and store additional content directly on the Demodesk platform.

Furthermore, upon the conclusion of each conversation, meeting details seamlessly sync with your CRM system, ensuring streamlined and organized information management.

Top Demo Video Softwares

1) Loom

Loom is a user-friendly online video platform that enables sellers to easily record their screen and camera. Once a video is created, sellers can copy the video link and share it via email, text, or LinkedIn messages with prospects.

Additionally, videos can be downloaded for use in other sales activities or shared with different teams for customer onboarding purposes.

2) Consensus

Consensus specializes in offering personalized, self-service demos. The platform allows presales teams to create demos using prerecorded videos, slides, and other documents, which are stored for easy access. When prospects express their specific interests, they are directed to a demo that showcases relevant product features and benefits.

Throughout the demo, Consensus keeps track of the prospect's reactions, providing valuable feedback on the popularity of different demos.

Top Interactive Demo Softwares

1) Supademo

Supademo revolutionizes the way interactive demos are created and shared on a large scale with its cutting-edge AI-driven platform. It sets a new benchmark for showcasing products and workflows with unparalleled efficiency. Supademo stands out as the quickest and most user-friendly solution for crafting click-through demos and guides, all without the need for coding expertise.

What's even more impressive is that Supademo offers these remarkable capabilities for free, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Supademo streamlines the creation of captivating and interactive demos, transforming it into an effortless and stress-free process.

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2) Arcade

Arcade empowers you to capture screenshots of your application and guide potential customers through an immersive product experience. These screenshots can be seamlessly embedded or attached to follow-up emails, providing visitors with an enticing preview of your tool before scheduling a call to make a purchase.

To Conclude

Demo software offers powerful tools and strategies for enhancing customer experiences and accelerating product engagement. Whether through live demos, demo videos, or interactive demos, businesses can effectively showcase their products and tailor demonstrations to meet individual needs. By leveraging these demo software solutions, companies can revolutionize their product interactions and unlock new possibilities for growth.

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