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How to add frame on Figma

How to add frame on Figma


Unleash your design superpowers and frame your creativity in Figma's enchanting realm! With just a few clicks, discover the art of adding captivating frames to your masterpieces, elevating your designs to new heights and captivating your audience with stunning visual compositions. This comprehensive guide provides you step by step instructions on how to add frame on Figma.

Step by step interactive demo

Steps to How to add frame on Figma

1. Navigate to Figma, open or create a new file

1 Click on "Drafts

2. Click here on the Frame icon

2 Click here

3. Click on "Frame"

3 Click on "F"

4. Choose the type of frame according to your desire

4 Click on "Frame

5. Frame has been added to your file

5 Click here

6. Frame has been added to your file

6 Upload

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