The software buying process is broken

Running a SaaS product in the modern age can feel overwhelming. Doubly so if you're building out a product-led growth (PLG) motion – in spite of growing tool fatigue and growing competition.

As founders and operators at a product-led growth SaaS startup ourselves, we've been there. And we understand your pain.

Luckily in 2024, we're fortunate to have tools for nearly every challenge you may encounter when growing your business. Whether it's a lightweight CRM for prospecting, simple subscription management for billing customers, or a marketing tool for email automation – there's a tool for that.

But discovering these tools – along with evaluating and setting up trials – is way harder than it needs to be.

With countless tools flooding the market, building your ideal PLG tech stack feels like navigating a labyrinth. Multiple sign-ups, "discovery" meetings with sales reps, endless configurations, or a maze of documentation to get onboarded —it's a time-consuming process that most founders and startup operators can't afford.

At Supademo, we despise this status quo. We believe software tools are meant to help you complete an important job to be done. In fact, the best software tools are invisible – they get out of your way and help you achieve your goals quickly, effectively, and intuitively.

And this is why we're thrilled to introduce PLG Demos—a community-sourced, curated directory that simplifies the way you discover, evaluate and choose your next PLG tool.

What is PLG Demos?

Think of it as your go-to directory for all the tools you need in your product-led growth journey. Whether you're a founder or you're an operator in marketing, sales, or customer success—we want to help you find the ideal software tool to solve your problem, quickly.

The ultimate goal of PLG Demos is to let the product-led growth community identify, highlight and list both up-and-coming and established tools for others to evaluate. While Supademo is kicking things off and helping moderate the directory, the ultimate goal is to community-source this directory as a best practice.

And the best part? We're setting up the directory such that you can explore each tool through a series of interactive product demos, before you commit to a discovery call, gated trial, or sales demo.

Yep – no more reading through an SDR reading you mandatory bullet points from a PowerPoint or sitting through linear, rehearsed demos. Just go to, pick a tool, and start clicking around as if it's already part of your stack.

No sign-ups, no setups, no pulling out your credit cards. It's like test-driving a car, but for software!

Why We Built PLG Demos

As prefaced above, we think the traditional software buying process can suck. There are a million tools and way too many hoops to jump through to try the damn product.

From discovery to trial, evaluating software can be long-winded and cumbersome:

  • Spending hours Googling "best PLG tools."
  • Playing email tag to book demos;
  • Sitting through unnecessary discovery calls;
  • Signing up for a zillion trials;
  • Trying to read through a library of documentation to set up each tool (and crying a little inside);

Having done this countless times, we knew there had to be a better way. So, we made one. PLG Demos ( lets you window-shop for PLG tools without any of the usual headaches in software purchasing.

Why Interactive Product Demos?

You wouldn't buy new ski boots without trying them on, right? Why shouldn't the same apply to software?

And while videos do the job in certain cases, they're typically one-way monologues that get little engagement. All those hours scripting, re-recording, and editing – only to have it be out of date with the next feature update. It sucks!

On the contrary, screenshots are quick and easy – yet unintuitive, drab, and give you little insight into how viewers are interacting with it.

But when you actually use a product in a self-paced, interactive way, you get a much better experience that answers your key questions:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it do what you need?
  • Can you see it fitting into your workflow?

With our interactive demos, you'll find answers to questions like this in minutes, not weeks.

How It Works

For software buyers

Next time you need to find a tool for your unique use case, simply head over the PLG Demos to peruse the ever-expanding directory of tools. Each week, we'll feature a fresh batch of new PLG tools to help you scale growth, drive onboarding, and grow your startup.

When you're ready, simply narrow down to a specific category, and click into the product you'd like to evaluate. You'll be taken to a page that contains helpful product context, alongside a step-by-step interactive product demo of the tool in action.

Once you're satisfied, use the handy link to head to the tool to kick off a free trial.

For software companies

Finding an audience of engaged buyers can be tough. Now you can access a pool of qualified buyers all in one place. Simply list your tool by filling out the form with:

  • Your company name;
  • A description of your tool or product;
  • A link to your product;
  • And a link to your interactive Supademo URL or a YouTube link to an existing product demo video;

If your product meets the quality threshold, your tool will be listed on PLG Demos – and perhaps even featured as a Tool of the Week!

Please note that if you submit a product demo video, the PLG Demo team may convert it into a step-by-step interactive product demo. Or if you feel like repurposing your existing demo yourself, you can Supademo's video splitting feature to achieve this:

We're Supa-Pumped

At Supademo, we believe that seeing is believing – but interacting is understanding. PLG Demos brings this idea to life. It's not just about making tool hunting easier (though that's awesome). It's about changing how we all shop for software.

For startup folks, it means building their dream team of tools in days, not months. For the tools enlisted on our site, it's a chance to really show off what they can do—no pitches—just pure product power.

And we're just getting started. More tools, more categories—PLG Demos is going to be the launchpad for every startup diving into PLG.

So, come on over to Your perfect PLG stack is waiting, and you don't even need to fill out a form to find it. How cool is that?

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