As we venture into an uncertain economic climate in 2024, software competition is getting fierce - with buyers growing to expect more from their sellers than ever before.

As such, it's become more important than ever to "wow" buyers with a better buying experience – one that bucks the trend of cluttered email threads, static sales collateral, or untracked follow-ups – which can be more of a nuisance than a buyer benefit.

This is why the best sellers are turning to simple, future-focused platforms like Supademo and Paage - two tools that work seamlessly together to drive positive sales outcomes.

Read on to learn more about how you can crush quota in 2024 by using interactive Supademos directly within Paage.

An Overview of Paage

Founded by serial entrepreneur Neil Gandhi, Paage helps bring together all of your sales content in a single, cohesive, and trackable page. In addition to simplifying the buyer journey, Paage enables champions to sell your tool internally – all while you receive helpful alerts as buyers take action.

Hundreds of closers use Paage for prospecting, call recaps, and proposals to stand out and close deals. Sales teams utilizing Paage realize 127% more forwards, 36% higher close rates, and 15% shorter sales cycles compared to their existing process.

An Overview of Supademo

On the other hand, Supademo helps sales teams create beautifully interactive product demos with AI. Nearly 10,000 forward-thinking users across 75 countries use Supademo to demonstrate their products or workflow at scale – helping them drive adoption and accelerate time-to-value.

When deployed across enablement, customer success, or marketing, Supademo can increase engagement by 250%, help close 6-figure deals asynchronously, and save reps 10 hours per week on demo creation.

Three benefits of adding Supademo to Paage

1) Accelerate time-to-value

By leveraging Supademo within Paage – account executives and SDRs can empower prospects "try before they buy" and accelerate the understanding of their product's "aha" moment.

This helps qualify buyers faster, reinforce key benefits, and recap the features from an initial sales call in an visual, memorable way.

Ultimately, the faster the buyer fully realizes the value of your product, the higher the conversion, engagement, and adoption.

2) Arm champions to sell internally

You've identified a champion within the organization you're selling into. Great! Now, you need their help selling your product to other decision makers.

So ask yourself – do you have full conviction that your champion has the context, knowledge, or passion to sell your product and reinforce benefits the way you need to be communicated?

If the answer isn't a 1000% yes, an interactive Supademo within a Paage can help.

Full focus at a coffee shop

By adding a Supademo to Paage, your champions can sell to other decision makers with a canned, self-contained demo to fully relay your product's top features and benefits. This can also be used to loop in folks that didn't attend the initial in-person demo.

Sure you can link a 10 minute demo, but these can take an hour to script, record, edit and share. Worse yet, in our era of immediacy, viewers are increasingly unwilling to sit though a long, one-way monologue video.

In our era of immediacy, viewers are increasingly unwilling to sit though a long, one-way monologue video.

In contrast, a Supademo in Paage is an engaging, two-way interaction that drives interest and engagement. What better way to sell than letting your product sell itself!

3) Close more deals

Both Supademo and Paage are proven sales tools that have been created to increase conversion rates throughout the buyer journey.

Paage's simple follow-up page helps group together all of the elements of the buyer journey into one centralized link. This minimizes friction and context switching - ultimately driving decision velocity and success.

Similarly, Supademo simplifies product demos by making them interactive, self-paced, and data-driven, helping increase conversion rates.

By combining the two platforms, SDRs and account executives can simplify and optimize the buying experience.


In 2024, forward-thinking software companies are increasingly turning to fast, simple, and delightful sales platforms to "wow" buyers, speed up processes, and increase win rates.

By utilizing Supademo and Paage in tandem, sales teams can focus less on product features, and more time on communicating on how they help achieve outcomes while solving challenges.

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