If you landed here, you were probably driven to read this article because:

  • You've seen a captivating interactive demo on one of your competitor websites and were intrigued by this technology;
  • You're curious about the effectiveness of interactive demos and their impact on conversion rates;
  • You need real-life examples of interactive demos to spark ideas for a product launch campaign;
  • Or you simply want to stay informed on the latest tools and trends in your industry;

Regardless of your initial intent, we're here to help you out. When harnessed the right way, interactive product demos can be a powerful tool across multiple use cases – namely in customer success, marketing, or sales.

This article will showcase several awesome examples of interactive demos from both customers and the Supademo team and highlight what they did well.

What are interactive product demos?

Interactive product demos are step-by-step demonstrations of a product or feature. They offer an immersive experience with a self-paced walkthrough of a product's features and use cases – without forcing viewers to sign up, book a discovery call, or enter their credit card.

When used within marketing use cases, interactive product demos are akin to a "virtual showroom" of your product's features. You are inviting users to try your software without the friction of commitment, hence building initial trust and rapport with prospective customers.

But how do you make the best of these demos to increase signups and top-of-the-funnel traffic? Let's find out with the examples we have collected.

How we picked this list of interactive demo examples

When choosing interactive demo examples for this article, we analyzed each demo based on the following factors:

  • Flow of information: How well connected is each step to the next? Does the demo deliver the intended message? Is the message concise and clear?
  • Use of interactive elements: How are elements like zoom in and out, AI voiceovers, and video steps used?
  • Design and copy: How are brand guidelines reflected in the demo and how is the demo personalized for the intended persona?
  • Call to action: Does the demo end with a clear and relevant CTA?

We looked at all the demos created to date and picked some awesome interactive product demonstrations for various marketing use cases.

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3 awesome interactive product demo examples for marketing

From giving a complete product tour to internal team communication, interactive demos have many use cases for the marketing team.

Here is a quick snapshot of different marketing use cases with examples:

  • Semrush: Share a walkthrough of specific features (tie each feature to a pain point);
  • Uptime Health: Share an overview of a new product feature;
  • Senja: Share a complete product tour (preferably on your homepage);

Semrush: Specific feature walkthrough

What did we like about this interactive product demo?

  • Semrush's demo maintains a consistent design approach with custom colors that reflect the brand;
  • The interactive product tours takes users on a linear journey and teaches them how to use the feature in 12 clear steps;
  • The steps provided not only mention the action to take but also explain what will happen as you take that step. For instance, in step 7, the demo does not only say, "Let's click 'View details'", but it adds an extra layer of explanation: "This will give me an unparalleled insight into the keywords that I am ranking for";
Pro tip: Provide a "what will happen if you click" text on each hotspot to give users a sneak-peak into what's coming. Subtle cues keep users engaged, improving demo completion rates.
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Uptime Health: Share an overview of a new feature

What did we like about this interactive product demo?

  • There is strategic use of interactive elements such as zoom in and out to emphasize certain elements such as examples;
  • The demo provides a quick overview of the new feature without overwhelming users with all the must-know features. It facilitates quick adoption, and when users are comfortable with basic features, they can share more in-depth demos;
  • Certain interface elements, such as emails, have been blurred to avoid disclosing sensitive or private information. The blur tool comes in handy when creating a demo for an external user but wanting to hide a certain part of it;
  • A clear CTA with a lead generation form was added to convert prospects at their moment of inspiration;
Pro tip: Use blur to hide certain options closely connected to features in the demo to build curiosity. Doing so can encourage more signups, and users might be interested in getting to know the hidden options.
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Senja: Give a complete product tour

What did we like about this interactive product demo?

  • Senja’s interactive demo gives a complete product overview in just 6 steps. The demo covered the core features with a focus on the benefit of each feature;
  • The demo is consistent with Senja’s branding, using matching colors and copy language for uniformity across design and copy;
  • With the use of AI voiceover, the viewer is guided through each step without any friction;
  • Throughout Step 5, they discussed their product's widget, which was tied to a customer case study. A good example of embedding social proof in interactive demos;
Pro tip: While demonstrating features, add case studies or show growth numbers of your customers to build trust among your potential customers.
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Build your first interactive product demo

Snapshot of interactive product demos in action

Now that you've learned about the building blocks of a successful interactive demo, it's time to create your own. Luckily with Supademo, creating an engaging interactive product demo is dead simple.

Whether you are a startup looking to attract investors or a business looking to convert leads, Supademo can help you create a professional and impressive demo that will leave a lasting impression.

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