Are you tired of wasting time on long demo calls with unqualified leads?

Do you find yourself relying solely on marketing and product teams for sales collateral, only to schedule calls with prospects who aren't the right fit?

These tasks not only extend the sales cycle but also hinder revenue growth.

However, by offering your prospective customers a real-time view of your product, you capture their attention and intrigue them. As users are more engaged, you gain deeper insight into their intent, paving the way for more meaningful interactions and faster deal closures.

But, to reap these benefits, your demos need to be specific, relevant, and tailored to your prospect's needs. That's why we have collected examples of interactive demos that tick all these boxes.

What are interactive product demos?

Interactive demos are self-paced tours or demonstrations of your product’s features and benefits. These demos empower users to explore your product's features at their own pace, providing a deeper understanding of its capabilities.

By captivating your prospects with dynamic visuals and interactive elements, you ignite their curiosity and drive their desire to explore more about the product.

For sales reps, interactive demos can shorten the sales cycle by helping with lead qualification and post-demo follow-ups.

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How we picked this list of interactive product demo examples

When choosing interactive product demo examples, we analyzed each demo based on the following factors:

  • Helpfulness: Does the demo answer the customer’s query? And if yes, how easy it is for customers to get the answer?
  • Use of interactive elements: How are elements like zoom in and out, AI voice-overs, information blur, and video steps used?
  • Design and copy: How are brand guidelines reflected in the demo and how is the demo personalized for the intended persona?
  • Call to action: Does the demo end with a clear and relevant CTA?

We looked at all the demos created to date and picked some awesome interactive demonstrations below:

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Best interactive product demo examples for sales & enablement

1. Stripe: Follow-up sales collateral

What did we like about this interactive demo?

This example Stripe demo starts with a personalized greeting which creates familiarity and connects with the buyers on a personal level. Not only this, throughout the demo, there is mention of words like recap, as we discussed, aiming to connect with the prospect.
  • The demo uses a benefits-focused approach showing prospects the features and tying them to the benefit through multiple hotspots such as ‘help team to be more proactive,' and 'certainty over your cash flows.'
  • The demo follows and maintains a conversational tone and is demo perfectly shows that by using two hotspots on a single step.
  • The use of zoom-in and out elements helps emphasize key points which boosts customers’ understanding of the feature and helps them recall meeting notes.
Pro tip: Use words like recall, recap, or reiterate to reconnect with the prospective customers and continue the same conversation after the demo call through an interactive presentation.

2. Strava: Multi-demo product showcase

What did we like about this interactive demo?

  • Strava's interactive demo uses Supademo's multi-demo showcase feature ⏤ dividing multiple demos into different chapters. They follow a user-centric approach to demo delivery as having too many steps leads to higher drop-off and lack of customer satisfaction.
  • Address key objections and illustrate product benefits through an intuitive, step-by-step Supademo.
  • Each chapter has a clear title that connects to the demo added in that chapter. For example, the introduction chapter gives an overview of features and benefits and also gives a product tour of Strava's mobile app.
  • All the demos are on-brand with matching colors, tones, and CTAs. It builds familiarity and creates an extension of your website/product in an interactive manner.
Pro tip: For a complete product tour, divide a long interactive walkthrough into bite-size demos.
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3. Formula Bot: Pre-sales demo

What did we like about this interactive demo?

  • Formula Bot's new feature demo highlights their Data Analyzer feature by giving a short yet impactful tour of what's possible.
  • The demo has interactive elements such as zoom-in and out and AI voice features. Zoom in and out feature pulls viewers' attention towards certain options. Thus, making them more engaged in the demo. The voiceover feature has been executed with finesse to give users multiple ways to absorb info.
  • This conciseness of the demo (6 steps is great) makes it a good fit to be used during discovery or cold outreach. It gives a glimpse into the new feature while piques the viewer's interest to explore more use cases.
  • The demo ends with a clear call to action encouraging users to try out the new feature.
Pro tip: Make demos more engaging by adding extra elements such as zooming in on a key feature or using of voice-over to dictate the steps.

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Snapshot of interactive product demos in action

Now that you have explored some of the awesome examples of interactive demos, the next step is to create your own.

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