Hey there 👋🏼 I'm Joseph, co-founder and CEO at Supademo. We help anyone create beautifully interactive, engaging product demos using AI.

2023 was an amazing year of growth, learning and impact. We had the privilege of helping 8,000+ users across 75+ countries create over 20,000 Supademos. These were watched by 4 million unique viewers!

Despite the grim economic outlook, weakened funding ecosystem, and rising inflation, companies around the world continued to build, innovate, and grow. And Supademo was no exception.

In our first full year of operations, we quickly launched over 100 new features - helping companies drive product adoption, accelerate user activation, and close more deals.

A closer look at our impact

Building for multiple use cases

Across our 8,000+ users, several Supademo use cases stood out. Namely, customer success, documentation, pre-sales, and training were prevalent ones.

To reaffirm this data, we spoke to hundreds of founders, operators, and managers to get their take on how Supademo could be valuable for their business. And here was the breakdown:

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Notable features in 2023

To support our customers growth in 2023, we shipped several new features to help teams create beautiful, engaging Supademos, faster.

Some of these features included:

  • AI Translate: the ability to internationalize your Supademo to 15+ lanugages in a few seconds;
  • AI Voiceover: add human-like voices for any Supademo in seconds;
  • AI Text: automatically generate text captions for each step, based on your recording, click path, and context;
  • Zoom and Pan: enable viewers to zoom into specific areas on the screen to narrow their focus;
  • Team Workspaces: create, share, and analyze your Supademos through a collaboration hub;
  • Multi-demo showcases: group multiple Supademos into one cohesive showcase, platform tour, or onboarding tutorial;

Check out some of these updates by visiting our product update blog:

Crunching user data from 2023

During 2023, we were lucky to have the support of several power users - who collectively created an average of 222 Supademos each.

The average power-user workspace had an average of 222 Supademos in 2023.

With our new AI features speeding up the process to create Supademos, it's not surprising to see our customers utilize Supademo for more demos, tutorials, or how-to-guides.

Industries by popularity

In 2023, we were lucky to have adoption and support from users across many different industries around the world. Here's an interesting breakdown:

Popular sub-industries included domains across financial services, human resources platforms, marketing software, and security and infrastructure tooling.

Median Sizes of companies

Not unlike our dynamic coverage across geographies and industries, company sizes varied wildly across our customers.

In 2023, our largest customer has a global workforce of 65,000 employees. Our smallest partners included several solopreneurs and indiehackers - who we're pumped to help grow.

Largest company: 65,000+
Smallest company: 1
Average (removing outliers): 87 employees

Driving ROI with Supademo

Thousands of Supademo users drove outsized impact and ROI across multiple departments at Supademo.

Here were some customer highlights from 2023:

Across our customers, Supademo helped:

Increase website engagement by an average of 2.6x;
Save creators an average of 6 hours per week by reducing demo/guide creation time, reducing support;
Close hundreds of new deals by driving time-to-value;

2024: Building for scale and impact

While we've had an amazing year of growth and impact, we're not resting on our laurels.

Ultimately, our our mission is to empower 1 million businesses to educate and grow their customers without headache of manual product demos and guides.

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