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How Porter Metrics scales content with Supademo

Learn how Porter accelerates time-to-value and optimizes conversion rates with Supademo.

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increase in user engagement
reduction in creation time for product guides

Company size

11-50 (Startup)

Use Cases

Product marketing, how-to guides, SEO content, support docs.


Product with lots of technical complexity and a steep learning curve, user resistance to connect data to the product, driving feature adoption.


Website engagement increased by 25%, increased feature adoption, content production time reduced by 50%.

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“When we interacted with that first Supademo, we knew that it was exactly what we were looking for. Supademo is our best option for guiding customers with value and clarity."
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Juan Bello
Co-founder & CEO

About Porter Metrics

Porter Metrics provides cross-channel marketing reporting for small businesses that offer e-commerce and lead generation services. The platform connects marketing data from social media, ads, CRMs, and e-commerce platforms so users can monitor performance across channels, products, clients, and campaigns in the tools they already use (Looker Studio and Sheets).

Unlike other tools, users can do what today requires them to implement a data warehouse like Google BigQuery; with Porter Metrics, users can blend data automatically, categorize their campaigns with AI, and even combine dozens of accounts in a single connection.

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The Challenge: Technical Complexity and Lack of Automation

Being ardent users of product tour platforms, the marketing team was burdened with the complexity involved in these platforms. Why?

Because the tools are limited to in-app use cases, clunky to set up and maintain, and difficult to scalethey can be challenging to use. This limited the functionalities that the team could leverage, resulting in lengthy manual product tour creation, limited integration, and a steep learning curve.

Not to mention the work involved in updating tour or product videos once a new feature was launched or an existing feature was updated. Highly-priced subscription plans also contributed to the challenges.

Another challenge their team faced was not being able to stand out in a saturated and commoditized market. Their team has learned that most website visitors won't connect their data even with a free trial. So, they needed to encourage user adoption by showing products that address their pain points and deliver tangible value.

The Solution: Hands-On Interactive Demo Tutorials

Porter Metrics contacted our team after they found an interactive product demo embedded on one of our existing clients' websites.

Seeing a Navigate-at-Your-Own-Pace Guide was an engaging, frictionless, and fun technique to showcase the product. Such demos also beat the friction caused by zoning out of products during a video tutorial or while reading a lengthy how-to guide.

Here’s how Supademo helped Porter Metric’s marketing team:

1. A marketer-friendly no-code demo building experience

When Porter Metric downloaded the extension, they were up and running with demo creation in no time. Once the team had recorded it, they could edit and customize the demo with our self-explanatory interface.

2. Built 100+ demos with the help of pre-built demos

Supademo’s pre-built examples helped Porter navigate the ins and outs of building a practical demo. The gallery of demo templates highlighted different use cases, inspiring them to spark their creativity and show the potential of these demos.

Porter Metric’s marketing team, being an enthusiast, browsed through these demos. As a result, they didn’t stop with the home page demo. If you browse their landing pages, you’ll see they have built and embedded demos in their help docs and throughout different feature pages.

As Daniela, their head of marketing, puts it,

"We absolutely love Supademo. It's been a huge asset - not only for product marketing but across support, onboarding, and programmatic content."
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Daniela De Almada
Head of Marketing

One interesting thing Porter Metric talked to us about was their plan to use Programmatic SEOs on hundreds of pages. Instead of using the typical landing pages consisting of text and static images, they created interactive demos for every single one.

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Here’s, in Porter Metric’s words, how they drive value from using Supademo:

✅ Help deliver a clear and differentiated message: Marketing analytics and reporting products are often difficult to explain (and differentiate). But with Supademo, the team showed the value of their product’s features through self-paced demos. Each demo offered clarity, as users could see the inner workings of the product without any strings attached.

✅ Help elevate content reach: Creating Supademos is the pillar of repurposing the content pages. With Supademos, we can quickly create step-by-step posts with images to rank on Google. We also use them to record screens and create video tutorials that are easier to edit, as we can save the back-and-forth of using tools in real-time otherwise.

✅ Automating customer support: We embed Supademos at the top of our help center articles to clarify the processes. We also use them on our support chats to explain a process more clearly.

We save hours on our content creation process, and it helps us to create value for our users by showing them the value of our product within a few clicks through the demos."
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Daniela De Almada
Head of Marketing


With interactive demos built using Supademo, their team accelerated time-to-value, one of the most critical factors in product-led growth (PLG). When users see different features without any sign-up or credit card requirement, they are more engaged, leading to more conversions.

The team was also able to cut their content production time because:

  • The team updated the demo quickly by adding and removing a few slides
  • There were less number of customer calls as interactive demos answered their queries
  • The team repurposed different slides from demos and used them on their blog and landing pages
  • We wanted to empower the marketing team to execute their tasks quickly. That’s why Porter Metric chose Supademo, an intuitive, budget-friendly, and multi-use case software.

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