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How Senja drives website conversions with Supademo

Learn how Senja.io leverages Supademo across sales, onboarding, and marketing to drive engagement and growth.

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Company size

1-10 (Startup)

Use Cases

Product marketing, sales outreach, customer onboarding


Reducing customer aqusition costs while accelerating the "aha moment".


15%+ engagement in embedded website demo, 100k+ unique viewers.

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“The ability to create and share collections and Showcases is awesome. I can easily create and group together multiple short demos as a ‘starter kit’ for our new users.
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Oliver Meakings

About Senja

Senja is a platform that helps founders, creators, and businesses collect more and better social proof and share it at critical times to increase visits, sign-ups, demos booked, and revenue.

The platform helps teams to create forms and add incentives to help get more testimonials. Additionally, it’s easy to import reviews and feedback from G2, Capterra, LinkedIn, TrustPilot and Instagram. So, we eliminate the need to manually collect testimonials. Finally, they offer multipelc customization option to showcase these testimonials on website such as stunning images, animations, Walls of Love, and widgets.

The Challenges

The core challenges Senja’s team faced was reducing their customer acquisition costs and illustrating the “aha moment” of their product to drive self-serve signups.

The team realized that users didn’t understand the full scope of the platform's differentiation when compared to other testimonial platforms – leading to less signups than expected for their level of traffic.

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The Solution

Supademo’s team reached out to them at a time they needed to level up their acquisition rate. After seeing interactive demo in action built using Supademo, the team realized the benefit it will help them drive.

The team started using Supademo for multiple use cases such as:

Showcase product’s features on landing page

The team built a quick interactive product demo and added on their home page to showcase to show, not tell, visitors how Senja works. Instead of sticking to static images, these demos goes above and beyond in demonstrating the value of using a product. This has helped them capture website visitor’s attention and encourage them to sign up.


The Senja team asks new sign ups with provide them with their business type, and then use this data to show them a relevant Showcase of demos when they’ve finished signing up.

The new Showcases feature is awesome. I can easily create and group together multiple short demos as a ‘starter kit’ for our new users. I’ve created a showcase for each of our key personas.

Our product is already broken down into 4 key areas - collect, manage, share, automate - so using Showcases to group demos in the same way has been really powerful

It ensures each demo is bite-size and easy for our customer to review, without feeling lost or overwhelmed. They can also be individually shared.

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Otherwise, the pricing is competitive and fair, the product is constantly improving, and we’ve been able to work closely with the founder Joseph to share feedback and understand what’s coming next!

Sales outreach

We’re starting to use Supedemo in our outbound marketing, particularly when approaching new partners. Rather than describe the nature of an integration, we can show them it!

We can also track if they viewed it, along with completion rates - which is very useful.


The team at Senja built interactive demos for various use cases, which resulted in an increase in website conversion and self-signup accounts. As potential customers get to experience the product beforehand, they gained a deeper understanding of how certain feature works.

And as their was no need to go through the long sales cycle of booking a demo and learning about the tool, the users were more incentivized to signup for the tool.