Security and Privacy at Supademo

Security is at the heart of what we do. Supademo uses enterprise-level security practices to keep your data safe and private on our platform.

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Our Committment to Security

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Supademo adheres to standards set forth by SOC2 standards. We undertake regular audits on our data processing partners and on our own systems, networks, and applications to maximize the security and reliability of your data protection and privacy.

We understand the importance of compliance with industry best practices in ensuring the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data. As such, we strive to ensure:

Data Protection

In addition to building security into every step in our development process, we undertake routine vulnerability scanning and ensure encryption of all sensitive data.

External Audits

We validate our security posture through continuous monitoring, as per SOC2 standards. Supademo validates internal security best practices using unbiased, third-party reviews.

Penetration Testing

Supademo engages with key penetration testing consulting firms to flag and address vulnerabilities at least once annually. These reports are summarized and available upon request.

Responsible Disclosure

Looking to report a security concern?

Please visit our responsible disclosure program page. To request a copy of our SOC2 report or to get in touch with us regarding any security, privacy or data-related concerns or questions, please email us at