Streamline your website creation process in MailerLite by following this comprehensive guide. Learn how to efficiently organize and categorize content, enhancing user experience with easy navigation through relevant tags. This step-by-step tutorial empowers you to create and manage your website seamlessly within the MailerLite platform, optimizing efficiency and clarity in your online presence.

1. Begin by selecting 'Create Site'.

1 Click on "Create site"

2. Enter a name for your new website.

2 Click here

3. Click 'Save and Continue' to proceed.

3 Click on "Save and continue"

4. Choose the subscribers you'd like to notify about your new site.

4 Click here

5. Press 'Continue' to move on to the next step.

5 Click on "Continue"

6. Pick the template you prefer or begin with a blank page.

6 Click on "Choose"

7. Edit the background according to your needs.

7 Click on "Background"

8. To ensure no changes are lost, click 'Save as Draft'.

8 Click on "Save as draft"

9. Fill in any additional preferences for your site.

9 Click here

10. Click 'Save and Continue' to finalize your changes.

10 Click on "Save and continue"

11. Preview your website to ensure everything is as you desire.

11 Click here

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