Build better product demos with actionable analytics

Evaluate and improve the performance of your Supademo by tracking viewers, engagement, and completion rates by demo and time-period.

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Demo Analytics

Actionable data to help create better demos

Track and measure the impact of your interactive product demos across individual demos, across workspaces, and for specific time periods.

Analytics across all product demos

Track key metrics like viewer counts, average engagement, and completion rates. Quickly identify top-performing demos and double down on successful demo strategies.

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Individiual demo performance

Access analytics of a specific demo you've published and discover patterns in viewer behavior, including attention span, CTA clicks, and drop-off points. Use this information to improve your demo for better completion rates.

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Uncover data about each individual viewer

Understand how each prospect interacts with your demos for focussed marketing/sales effort analysis. Monitor individual session durations, clicks, engagement, and more.

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Lead Scoring

Identify your hottest prospects

Evaluate and rank prospects based on their level of engagement to focus your sales efforts on the most engaged and interested leads, increasing your chances of successful conversions.


Connect to your sales and marketing stack

Automatically collect and sync viewer and engagement data from Supademo onto Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, etc. helping collect, identify and take action on your most engaged leads.

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Build better demos with analytics