Improve engagement with personalized demos

Grab viewer attention and boost engagement by creating personalized demo experiences at scale without sacrificing efficiency.

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Variables and Branching

Personalize at scale from one template

Share and embed highly customized interactive demos for prospecting, onboarding or marketing, with minimal extra work.

Dynamic variables

Personalize your Supademo with your viewer's name, email, or company name at scale. Inject dynamic variables in chapters, buttons, titles and hotspots with ease.

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Conditional branching

Enable viewers to choose their own journeys with variable flows added in chapter buttons or hotspots.

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Trackable links and analytics

Create unique, trackable links and receive notifications and analytics as viewers engage and complete steps within your Supademo.

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Interactive Demo Features

Enhance your product demo in seconds

Create truly personalized product demos with powerful tools like custom hotspots, personal voiceovers, and AI enhancements.

Add voiceovers and translations

Instantly translate your Supademo into multiple languages. Bring your Supademo to life with personalized voiceovers or AI-generated voices.

AI voice and text feature

Add text, chapters and CTAs

Give your Supademo context with title/subtext. Also add CTA button to an external link or to any step within the same Supademo.

Zoom and pan feature

Built-in email capture and surveys

Add surveys and email forms to your Supademo to to collect valuable viewer data.

Showcase feature

Password-protected Supademos

Password-protect Figma demos so sensitive content is accessible to only authorized users.

Showcase feature

Add custom branding

Create a cohesive and memorable brand presence with a custom domain, logo, CTA and colors.

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Create personalized demos at scale