Streamline your project management in ClickUp by harnessing the power of mind maps. Elevate your planning and organization with this guide, which offers a seamless process for creating and utilizing mind maps within ClickUp. Enhance efficiency and clarity in your project workflows, empowering you to visualize and connect ideas effortlessly within the ClickUp platform.

1. Let's start by clicking on 'View'.

1 Click here

2. Next, find and select 'Mind Map'.

2 Click on "Mind Map"

3. Now, initiate by clicking 'Add Mind Map'.

3 Click on "Add Mind Map"

4. Choose your desired structure by selecting 'Blank'.

4 Click on "Blank"

5. Start sketching your map on the canvas area.

5 Click here

6. Add a new branch by clicking on plus (+) icon.

6 Click here

7. Continue branching out more nodes on your map.

7 Click here

8. Want to add media? Simply click on the media icon.

8 Click here

9. Well done! You've successfully created a Mind Map!

9 Click here

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