Enhance your productivity in HubSpot with our comprehensive guide on creating and editing sequences. Streamline your communication strategies by crafting personalized sequences tailored to your needs. This guide walks you through the seamless process of sequence creation, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Elevate your engagement and organization within the HubSpot platform, optimizing your communication strategies for increased effectiveness and clarity.

1. Navigate to the Automation section.

1 Click on "Automation "

2. Select Sequences from the dropdown.

2 Click on "Sequences"

3. Now, let's create a new sequence from scratch.

3 Click on "Create from scratch"

4. Choose your desired action as your first step. We're starting with Automated email.

4 Click on "Automated email"

5. Add your email content

5 Click on "Next: Add email content"

6. Select 'Create Template' to start crafting your email.

6 Click on "Create template"

7. Enter a name for your new template.

7 Click here

8. Enter a subject line for your email.

8 Click on "

9. Add your email body content.

9 Click on "

10. Let's add some personalization.

10 Click on "Hi John,"

11. Click on 'Personalize'.

11 Click on "Personalize"

12. Select the personalization token you'd like to use.

12 Click here

13. Choose 'First Name' as your personalization token.

13 Click on "First name"

14. Once done, click 'Save Template'.

14 Click on "Save template"

15. Step #1 is ready. Let's add another one by clicking the + icon.

15 Click here

16. We're adding a Call task as a step.

16 Click on "Get a task reminder to make a call"

17. Select the priority of the reminder.

17 Click on "None"

18. Include this step in your sequence by clicking 'Add'.

18 Click on "Add"

19. Once finished, save your sequence.

19 Click on "Save"

20. Give a name to your sequence.

20 Click here

21. Finally, save your sequence and you're done!

21 Click on "Save"

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