Importing contacts into HubSpot is a simple yet crucial step for streamlining your customer relationship management (CRM).

Click below for a visual, step-by-step interactive demo walkthrough of HubSpot's intuitive interface, which guides you through the mapping process and where you match the fields in your file to HubSpot's contact properties. With this straightforward process, you can quickly consolidate your contacts and enhance your marketing efforts within HubSpot.

Step-by-step interactive demo

1. First off, click on "Contacts" option from the navigation menu.

1 Click on "Contacts "

2. Next, click on "Contacts" from the dropdown.

2 Click on "Contacts"

3. We'll click on "Import" next to initiate the process.

3 Click on "Import"

4. Click on "Start an import".

4 Click on "Start an import"

5. You have several import options. Let's go with syncing from a manual dataset.

5 Click on "Import file fro..."

6. Click on "Next" to proceed.

6 Click on "Next"

7. Let's click on "One file" for this example.

7 Click on "One file"

8. Again, click on "Next" after your choice.

8 Click on "Next"

9. Next, click on "One object".

9 Click on "One object"

10. Once that's done, click on "Next".

10 Click on "Next"

11. Next, let's choose "Contacts". Note that you can import many other types of data!

11 Click on "Contacts
The pe..."

12. Click on "Next" again.

12 Click on "Next"

13. Afterwards, click on "choose a file" and drop in your data here.

13 Click on "choose a file"

14. Great. Let's proceed.

14 Click on "Next"

15. Here, you'll see a summary of your contacts to be imported, as well as errors to fix.

15 Click here

16. When you're ready, click on "Next".

16 Click on "Next"

17. Finally, check off the mandatory disclaimer to unlock the "Finish import" button.

17 Click here

18. To finish off, click on "Finish" to wrap up your contact import!

18 Click on "Tip: press Ente..."

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