Streamline your workflow in Webflow by seamlessly integrating apps to enhance functionality. Elevate user experience and simplify navigation by incorporating relevant apps for increased efficiency. This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step process on seamlessly integrating apps in Webflow, empowering you to optimize your website's performance and functionality for a more user-friendly experience.

1. Start by selecting 'Apps & Integrations' from the menu.

1 Click on "Apps & Integrations"

2. Now search for the app you'd like to integrate by clicking 'Find an App'.

2 Click on "Find an App"

3. Once found, click the app's icon to learn more about it.

3 Click here

4. Are you ready to integrate? Click 'Install App'.

4 Click on "Install App"

5. Next, specify the workspace where the app should be installed.

5 Click here

6. To allow the app to function in your workspace, select 'Authorize App'.

6 Click on "Authorize App"

7. Great job! You've successfully installed and authorized the app.

7 Click on "Apps & Integrations"

8. Lastly, click 'View details' to see the integration's settings.

8 Click on "View details"

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