Streamline your Figma design process with ease by learning how to efficiently rename multiple layers. Elevate your organization and clarity within your projects by following this guide, which provides a seamless step-by-step process for renaming multiple layers in Figma. Enhance your workflow, save time, and ensure precision in your design management within the Figma platform.

1. Choose the first layers you want to modify one by one.

1 Click here

2. Or click and drag your cursor across multiple frames.

6 Click here

3. Now, perform a right-click on any selected design.

7 Click on "Practice designs"

4. In the drop-down menu, hit the 'Rename' option.

8 Click on "Rename

5. Assign a new name and tap the 'Rename' button.

9 Click on "Rename"

6. Congratulations! You've successfully renamed all layers.

10 Click here

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