Streamline your task management in ClickUp with this guide on setting up recurring tasks. Enhance productivity by organizing and automating your workflow through the creation and utilization of recurring task schedules. Improve clarity and efficiency in task management within the ClickUp platform with this step-by-step guide, ensuring a seamless and optimized experience for recurring tasks.

1. Navigate and select the 'Calendar' option on the menu.

1 Click on "Calendar"

2. Initiate a new task to be set for January 3rd deadline.

2 Click here

3. Provide a suitable name for your new project and save it.

3 Click here

4. Navigate to The Project for progressing the task.

4 Click on "Sales Sync in"

5. Click on due date to modify the project to repeat.

5 Click on "1/3/24"

6. Select the option to make this task recurring.

6 Click here

7. Modify the task recurrence based on your preference.

7 Click on "Weekly"

8. Confirm and save your settings for the recurring meet.

8 Click on "Save"

9. Finalize and close the task.

9 Click here

10. Validate that the meeting recurs monthly as per our setup.

10 Click here

11. Verify successful creation of the recurring event on the calendar.

11 Click on "Today

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