Streamline your collaborative efforts by learning how to seamlessly share Google Docs with your ClickUp workspace. Enhance team communication and project management efficiency by following this step-by-step guide. Improve collaboration and clarity in your workflow as you effortlessly integrate Google Docs into ClickUp, ensuring a smooth and organized document-sharing experience for your team.

1. Begin by clicking the Share button on your Google Doc.

1 Click on " 
2 Click on "Copy link"

3. Navigate to your ClickUp Workspace and choose View.

3 Click on "View"

4. Select the Embed option to start the embedding process.

4 Click on "Embed"

5. Insert the copied URL from your Google Doc into the URL field.

5 Click here

6. Confirm by clicking Add Embed to incorporate your Google Doc.

6 Click on "Add Embed"

7. Great job! You've embedded the Google Doc on ClickUp.

7 Click on "Overview

8. Continue by selecting the button here.

8 Upload
9 Click here

10. Head over to the Task section and choose a task.

10 Click on "Doc"

11. Type /embed and go with Embed any website.

11 Click on "Embed any website"
12 Click on "Save"

13. Congratulations! You've seamlessly shared a Google Doc in ClickUp.

13 Click on "



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