Enhance your Webflow user experience with a comprehensive guide on transferring sites across the platform. Streamline the process of moving websites seamlessly, optimizing efficiency and clarity. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for a smooth transfer, empowering users to manage their Webflow sites with ease and precision.

1. Select 'All Sites' to view your current workspace.

1 Click on "All sites"

2. Press the settings icon for more options.

2 Click here

3. Select the described area to initiate site transfer.

3 Click here

4. Input the recipient's Webflow email to proceed with the transfer.

4 Click here

5. Confirm the transfer to the entered email.

5 Click on "Transfer to nit..."

6. Click here for instructions on transferring to another workspace.

6 Click here

7. Select the 'To a Workspace' button if transferring to another workplace.

7 Click on "To a Workspace"

8. Choose your desired webflow workspace from your dropdown.

8 Click on "Select"

9. If ready, confirm the transfer or select 'Cancel' to stop.

9 Click on "Cancel"

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