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How to add contacts to your sequence in


Enhance your productivity in by efficiently adding contacts to your sequences. Elevate user experience and simplify the process of reaching out by utilizing relevant sequences for easy contact management. This comprehensive guide walks you through the seamless steps of adding contacts to your sequences within the platform, empowering you to optimize your communication strategies for improved efficiency and clarity in contact management.

1. Begin by clicking on the Contacts tab.

1 Click on "Contacts"

2. Locate and click on the Add Contacts option.

2 Click here

3. Agree to all terms and conditions by ticking the checkbox provided.

3 Click here
4 Click on "Link mailbox"
5 Click on ""

6. Press Continue to move forward.

6 Click on "Continue"

7. Confirm your account linkage by clicking on the Allow button.

7 Click here

8. Revisit the Add Contacts section after linking the account.

8 Click on "Add Contacts"

9. Choose your preferred method to upload contacts on

9 Click on "Upload a CSV fi..."

10. Click on Select CSV File if you choose to import contacts.

10 Click on "Select CSV File"

11. Map every column to its corresponding fields.

11 Click on "Select..."

12. Conclude by clicking on Import to finalize the process.

12 Click on "Import"

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