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How to group a record in Airtable


Streamline your workflow in Airtable by leveraging the power of record grouping. Enhance user experience and simplify navigation by grouping related records with ease. This comprehensive guide walks you through a seamless process to create and utilize record groups in Airtable, optimizing efficiency and clarity in data management within the platform. Elevate your organization and achieve a more organized and accessible database with this step-by-step guide.

1. Start by selecting the record you want to group.

1 Click on "Name"

2. Next, look for the grouping option and select it.

2 Click on "Group"

3. Afterwards, choose the appropriate options to process the group.

3 Click here

4. Then, look for the 'Add subgroup' button for further record grouping.

4 Click on "Add subgroup"

5. Now, your records are grouped based on the parameters you chose.

5 Click on "In progress

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