Confused by's opaque pricing? Not sure about contract lengths, commitments, or license options?

You're not alone.

In this guide will explain's pricing structure, what's included in each plan, and point out the platform's strengths and weaknesses. We'll then explore some alternatives, including Supademo, which offers similar demo automation capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

But before diving into that analysis, let's look at the critical pricing models that demo automation platforms offer.

What is is a demo automation platform for building HTML-based interactive product demos. The software helps you build demos for multiple use cases like live demonstrations, prospecting outreach, or demo onboarding.

Despite being versatile software, it is best known as a Sales Experience Platform as it helps sales teams accelerate the sale process and close more deals.

Here’s a demo snapshot built using

Demo snapshot built using

How does work?

Like other interactive demo software on the market, captures the software's front end (the interface visible to the users) through screen capture. Thus, you have complete control over the customization you want to add, such as annotation or zooming in or out for emphasis. helps you create these demos through their no-code demo builder. You can record, personalize, and share these demos through embeds or URLs. Pricing Plans: Detailed Analysis’s pricing isn't public, and you need to book a demo to get custom pricing. However, we gathered some pricing estimates during our research.

The pricing shared below can be used as a benchmark for's starting plans. Their pricing plans are based on the company size and the number of individuals involved in creating the demos.

Here are some pricing estimates shared by Vendr in their buyer’s guide:

Company size:

  • Less than 200 employees: $15,100 - $30,000 (billed annually)
  • More than 1000+ employees: $41,400 - $87,700 (billed annually)

Does offer a free trial or plan?

No, doesn't offer a free trial or version. So, testing the tool before buying its plans is impossible.

However, their website has multiple interactive demos that give a sneak peek into their product and features.

When Should You Choose is a good fit if

  • you have a firm grip on HTML and feel comfortable building and editing HTML-based demos
  • you want to publish interactive product walkthroughs primarily for sales teams
  • you're an enterprise or have a larger team size (more than 300+ employees)
  • you have a large budget to experiment with interactive demos isn't a good fit if

  • you want a free trial or start with a free plan before you buy
  • you want an AI assistant to help you in your interactive demo-building process
  • you want an easy and user-friendly tool that anyone on your team can use with no learning curve
  • you want to create interactive demos for multiple use cases, including for customer success, onboarding, and internal training or education

Budget-friendly, Feature-packed Alternative: Supademo

Undoubtedly, Walnut is one of the best demo automation platforms in the market. But, every software is not as shiny as it seems, and isn’t either.

Despite its reputation, falls short in certain areas, particularly in clarifying the distinctions between its demo and storyline features. Users have reported this as one of the common drawbacks of

If you want easy-to-use and affordable software, Supademo is the best alternative to

It performs better than regarding pricing, usability, and functionalities. Let’s look at how Supademo performs against regarding these factors.


Supademo offers a free version with a limit of 5 demo creations. This free plan gives you access to features, including automatic hotspot text generation, export to GIFs or MP4, and standard performance metrics.

We offer two paid plans along with a custom plan:

  • Pro: Starting at $27/month per creator
  • Scale: Starting at $38/month per creator

For each plan, you get a 14-day free trial to test features included in that particular plan. For instance, our scale plan 14-day trial gives you access to test conditional branching and demo gating.

Supademo's pricing plans - A alternative 


Supademo is among the easy-to-use demo automation software per G2. The platform is tied for the top rank with a usability score of 9.3, on par with Demoboost and Storylane. In contrast, ranks #19 with the lowest usability score of 8.

Supademo's usability score is high due to our intuitive no-code demo builder, which is super easy to navigate whether you're technical or not. Each feature is self-explanatory, so you don't need to contact customer support now and then to learn how a specific feature works.


Supademo beats not only because it is affordable but also because of its unbelievable price-to-feature ratio. Unlike, Supademo offers the same features starting at just $27/month.

With this comes with a lot of other features mentioned below:

  1. Multi-demo showcase
  2. Demo gating
  3. AI-assistant

Multi-demo showcase

  • Is your demo creation approach inconsistent?
  • Are there multiple versions of demos floating around, creating confusion?
  • Do you spend hours searching for the right demo content for each prospect?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, we've got the perfect solution for you.

Create a central location for related demos (walkthroughs of similar features or breakdown of different use cases of a single feature) that's easy to access, share, and customize.

With Supademo's multi-demo showcase, this becomes 10x easier. For example, you can have a customer onboarding demo kit and create chapters for various features related to your software.

Supademo's Showcase feature is fantastic. I can easily create and group together multiple short demos as a ‘starter kit’ for our new users. I’ve made a showcase for each of our key personas. Our product is already broken down into four key areas - collect, manage, share, and automate - so using Showcases to group demos in the same way has been powerful. - Olly, co-founder of

Demo gating

Interactive demo gating helps you generate highly qualified leads, gauge the viewer's buying intent, and gather valuable data to personalize demo calls.

Our demo gating feature helps you pull in the reader by giving them enough glimpses of your product's features. Once they're engaged, you ask for their email address.

Here's an example of a gated demo in the interactive walkthrough.

Supademo, a demo automation software's, demo gating screenshot


On our paid plans, you get access to GenAI-powered assistant. Our AI assistant is like having a work buddy help you with your demo creation. It helps you

  • rewrite/generate hotspot texts based on prompts or the context of the screen capture
  • add voiceovers to dictate the steps with your preferred tone and accent
  • translate your demo in 15+ languages in both text and voiceovers vs. Supademo Pricing Comparison


Free plan

Yes, with up to 5 demo creation and publishing

❌ Not offered

Free trial

14-days free trial

❌ Not offered

Paid plans

Pro: $27/month

  • Unlimited Supademos

  • Team collaboration

  • Multi-demo showcases

  • Custom branding and style

  • Blurs and annotations

  • Advanced analytics

  • Autoplay

  • Call-to-action button

  • AI assistant

Not public

Scale: $38/month

  • Zoom and pan

  • Conditional branching

  • Custom domain

  • Demo gating

Not public

Build Your Interactive Product Demos with Supademo

Higher implementation time and high price plans make Walnut a skeptical choice for many buyers. Supademo solves these issues by making it seamless to build and personalize demos. We've customers who have built 100 demos within a minute, all thanks to our no-code demo builder and screen capture extension.

Within ten minutes, I recorded my first demo and published it on Substack. Our dev team has added tutorials to our own SaaS app already. Thank you for creating such a simple and intuitive tool for making demos.
- Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst

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