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The fast and delightful Reprise alternative

See why customers are choosing Supademo, the Reprise alternative that includes more features for less.

Scale how your team demonstrates products

Multi-Demo Showcase

Group multiple Supademos into a training module, product tour, or onboarding guide.

Advanced Analytics

Get deep insights into dropoffs rates, conversion, engagement, and viewers.

Team Workspaces

Asynchronously share, organize, and collaborate on Supademos as a team.

Blurs and Annotations

Easily redact sensitive info or annotate screens directly within the editor.


Translate your product demos instantly in 15+ languages with the power of AI.

AI Voiceovers

Elevate demos with AI voice narration for enhanced and better user engagement.

Reasons to choose Supademo over Reprise

Get more for your money with a feature-rich, easy-to-use Reprise alternative.

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More competitive pricing plans

Get More for Less
Supademo Pro includes collaboration built-in vs. Reprise's starting price of $1000+.
A Generous Free Plan
Get 5 demos per free account and try Pro for free without a credit card. Reprise does not offer a free plan.
Monthly or Annual Subscription
With Supademo, you can choose to subscribe to monthly or annual plans, unlike Reprise's annual billing.

Easier branding and customization

Custom Domains
Let your brand shine through with a custom URL, colors, logo vs. Reprise-branded URLs.
Demo Reactions
Get sentiment data to compliment usage-based analytics that are found in both Supademo and Reprise.
Useful Across Departments
Supademo is user-friendly, self-serve and, and can be deployed across marketing, support, or pre-sales.
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