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Why companies consider Storylane alternatives

Storylane is undoubtedly a powerful tool, enabling you to create interactive product demos relatively quickly. However, according to reviews from users, it does have its drawbacks.

After comparing top Storylane alternatives, some users reported challenges with Storylane's overly complex UI, platform lagginess, challenging workflows for non-technical users, and a difficult HTML setup process. Additionally, Storylane's pricing may not suit all startup budgets.

3 reasons why companies choose Supademo over Storylane

Get more for your money with a fast, intuitive, and feature-packed alternative to Storylane.

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Fast, Powerful and Intuitive

With Supademo, anyone can create beautiful interactive demos in under 5 minutes - without training or technical skills.

Features like AI voiceover, blurring, and branching help demonstrate your "aha" moments in minutes, not days or weeks.

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Malleable use cases

Supademo is built for everyone on the team - not just for solutions engineers or those with technical know-how.

Whether you need a multi-step, a 'choose your own journey', or a simple sales demo, Supademo is lightweight yet flexible enough to fit your needs.

Example Use Cases
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Get more features for less

With Supademo, you have access to cutting-edge features like synthetic AI voiceovers, conditional demo branching, and the ability to mix and match free workspace members with paid creators.

How Others Leverage Supademo

But don't just take our word for it

See the full G2 breakdown of why Supademo is an excellent Storylane alternative.

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They chose Supademo to drive more impact

From early-stage startups to scaling enterprises, thousands of companies use Supademo to drive adoption and engagement.

Testimonial 05
Daniela De Almada
Head of Marketing
"I absolutely love Supademo. We are using it for so much more than just showcasing use cases in our home page!"
Testimonial 01
Casey O'Brien
Solutions Consulting Director
"Supademo has completely transformed our early-stage demo motion. Gone are the days of custom demos for unqualified prospects."
Testimonial 01
Felix True
Head of Presales
“Supademo has been a huge asset across multiple departments and workflows at easy software. We're thrilled to be working with them.”
Testimonial 06
Eric Reynolds
Marketing Agency Owner
"Must needed extension! Supademo is the perfect tool for educators, web design agencies, software providers, and helpful for pretty much any individual, company, or organization that needs to train or provide step-by-step tutorials."
Testimonial 01
Justin Berg
A game changer for us when it comes to making our product even more simple for our users to grasp, as well as helping them during the actual onboarding process.”
Testimonial 06
Leonard Korkmaz
Product Marketing Manager
"Awesome product. I highly recommend Supademo for anyone who needs to create demos. The app is simple to use, yet powerful enough to create high-quality material quickly and easily."
Testimonial 01
Nick Lighter
Lead Account Executive
“Supademo has become an integral tool for us in multiple ways. Primarily, it's a cornerstone within customer success.
Testimonial 05
Robert Boka
Co-founder & CEO
"Great work, I’m thoroughly impressed. It’s literally saved me from getting on three phone calls just today by annotating a walkthrough for a customer who hasn’t completed onboarding."
Testimonial 05
Lucien Lu
Digital Marketer
"Way better than Loom or Scribe. Supademo is 10x better than any other product I've seen."

Try the user-friendly Storylane alternative

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