Storylane is an amazing demo creation platform with some truly impressive features, like AI-powered assistance and the ability to build multi-step demos.

But hey, even the best tools aren't one-size-fits-all, right?

Maybe Storylane didn't quite fit your budget, or perhaps it wasn't the exact solution you were hoping for. Whatever the case, that's totally understandable!

That's why we've created this guide to 6 amazing Storylane alternatives.

We've carefully compared these platforms across various factors to give you a clear and unbiased view. Our goal is to help you find the interactive demo platform that perfectly aligns with your needs and budget.

Let's dive in!

Why Consider Alternatives to Storylane?

Storylane is undoubtedly a powerful demo creation software, enabling you to create interactive product demos relatively quickly.

However, it does have its drawbacks. Some of the challenges encountered included:

  • Complex user-interface
  • Difficult HTML setup process
  • Occasional platform lagginess
  • Challenging workflows and steep learning curve for non-technical users

Additionally, their pricing structure might not be the best fit for startups with low budgets.

So, it's good to consider other cost-effective, easy-to-use tools to scale your interactive demo creation process.

1. Supademo: The Fast and Intuitive Storylane Alternative

Supademo is a fast-growing startup built specifically for fast-growing SaaS startups.

It's primarily used to create a high count of step-by-step demos across sales enablement, customer success, pre-sales, and product marketing.

Why Supademo over Storylane?

Supademo outshines Storylane with its unparalleled ease of use, lightning-fast time-to-launch, budget-friendly plans, and inclusive collaboration features right from the start.

Supademo's Key Features

  • Supademo AI: You can add synthetic voiceovers, personalize step descriptions, or internationalize your demo to 15+ languages in one click.
  • Interactive demo branching: The platform offers demo branching, which allows viewers to choose their journey for a more personalized, engaged experience.
  • Demo showcases: You can combine multiple demos, creating a showcase of your demos. Think of it like a slideshow where you take users on a frictionless journey. For example, instead of sharing multiple demos during onboarding, combine all product demos in a single demo showcase and share them as on the onboarding kit.
  • Team Collaboration: Every paid Supademo plan comes with a collaborative workspace. You can invite your entire team to review, analyze, and organize interactive demos. Your team members have the option to join for free, become a paid creator, or stay as read-only workspace viewers.

Supademo Pricing

Supademo's pricing plans are affordable and offer top-notch features compared to Storylane's.

Here's a quick comparison between Supademo vs. Storylane's pricing:

Plans Supademo Storylane
  • 1 user
  • Create and share up to 5 demos
  • 1 user
  • Create and share only 1 demo
  • $27/month per creator
  • Unlimited demos
  • $40/month per creator
  • Unlimited demos

$38/month per creator

$500/month (minimum of 5 creators).

Don't just take our word for it. Here's a quick comparison graph between Supademo and Storylane based on various features:

G2 Comparison: Supademo vs. Storylane

Supademo vs. Storylane

2. The Storylane Alternative for Large Enterprises is a sales and solutions-engineering-focused platform for creating demos, focusing on serving upper mid-sized and enterprise companies.

Sales teams primarily use it to reduce the count of complex demos used for live sales demos and collateral during the sales cycle.

Why over Storylane? is focused on helping the sales team. Thus, it offers various features tailored to close more deals and drive revenue. So, if you are looking for interactive demo software for sales reps, is a better alternative.'s Key Features

  • HTML demo creation: heavily focuses on complex HTML capture and editing, ensuring a high level of customization - down to every detail.
  • Integrations: It offers a high level of personalization and integration to popular CRM tools like Hubspot.
  • Team collaboration: also offers strong team collaboration features, allowing you to create demo templates and save them into a shared library. Pricing

Unlike Storylane pricing,'s pricing is based on the number of user seats and is available only on request.

There is no free plan or trial, leaving no room for "try before you buy" with a self-directed trial subscription.

G2 Comparison: Storylane vs.

Storylane vs.

3. Navattic: A Direct Alternative to Storylane

Like Storylane, Navattic lets you create interactive product demos with a focus on complex HTML capture. The company focuses on lower to mid-market businesses, primarily focusing on sales and marketing use cases.

Why choose Navattic over Storylane?

If you have a huge number of creators who are tasked with creating demos, go with Navattic. The pricing is higher than Storylane's but they offer unlimited user seats suitable for diverse teams.
Additionally, Navattic is likely to be a better fit if you have a more complex product with varying use cases for HTML and CSS capture.
  • Third-party event-based integrations: Navattic analytics capture user engagement data with your demos and send those events to any third-party service that can accept them like Amplitude, PostHog, and Mixpanel.
  • Intuitive interface: Navattic's intuitive interface is less complex than Storylane, making it relatively easier to set up and create demos quickly.

Navattic's base pricing is $500/month for the 'Base' plan for unlimited creators, which is on par with Storylane pricing ($500/month for the 'Growth' plan, with five creators minimum).

Navattic also offers a $1,000/month plan for larger companies, with additional features available for extra cost.

Unfortunately, Navattic doesn't offer a free plan or trial to let you try the software before you buy.

G2 Comparison: Storylane vs. Navattic

Storylane vs. Navattic

4. Arcade: The Storylane Alternative for Easy and Playful Demos

Arcade is among the easiest demo automation platforms that work on a screen recording basis.

Why choose Arcade over Storylane?

Mostly similar in features, Arcade is a much more user-friendly tool with no learning curve. Additionally, the tool lets you record or add videos between steps.

Arcade's Key Features

  • Custom demo editing: Arcade has in-built customization options such as choosing the background color of your demo, adding background music that plays as the user interacts with the demo, or adding zoom to certain steps.
  • Built-in video editing: For its pro users, Arcade offers in-built video editing features such as video trimming, speed-up, etc.

Arcade Pricing

Arcade offers a free version for up to three published interactive demos.

Arcade's Pro plans start at $32/month per user, similar to Storylane's pricing of $40/month per user.

However, their Growth plan (starting at $42.50/month per user) is much more cost-effective than Storylane's price of $100/month per user.

G2 Comparison: Storylane vs. Arcade

Storylane vs. Arcade

5. Tourial: The Enterprise Storylane Alternative Focused on Screenshots and Video

Tourial is an advanced interactive product demo software focused. It uses screenshots and videos to help the marketing and sales team create engaging demo experiences.

The software is oriented towards enterprises and larger mid-market companies with huge budgets who build and share a lot of demos for various use cases.

Why choose Tourial over Storylane?

Tourial wins over Storylane with its demo center feature which allows you to create personalized demos based on conditional logic.

Tourial's Key Feature

  • Integrations: Tourial integrates with Hubspot, Chilipiper, Padot, Salesforce, Zapier, G2, Warmly, Calendly, and TrustRadius.
  • Demo Center: Tourial's demo center is a more advanced version of interactive product demos. With this, you can create a personalized experience based on conditional logic. For instance, the tool asks you where you'll embed the demo, and based on your selection rest of the demo steps are revealed.

Tourial Pricing

Unlike Storylane, Tourial doesn't have any free plan or trial to let you try the product.

As for the paid plans, Tourial offers a single package that consists of both interactive demo and demo center features with unlimited demo creation and user access.

G2 Comparison: Storylane vs. Tourial

Storylane vs. Tourial

6. Reprise: The Storylane Alternative for Enterprise Marketing Demos

Reprise is another enterprise-level demo creation platform. It helps large-scale enterprises create interactive demos using screen recording/capture tech through their Chrome extension.

Reprise helps you show your product in action in three different ways:

  • Interactive product walkthroughs
  • Live demo overlays for sales
  • Explorable sandbox environments for prospects
Why choose Reprise over Storylane?

Reprise offers enterprise-grade level features that are more advanced than Storylane's as the latter is focused more on small and mid-sized businesses.

Reprise's Key Features

  • Enterprise-grade security: The platform has obtained Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 Certification making it one of the safest demo platforms for enterprise businesses.
  • Integrations: Connect natively with analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, and Hubspot Analytics.

Reprise Pricing

Reprise doesn't offer any free plan or trial of their product.

Also, they offer tailored pricing based on your requirements thus offering no pricing details.

G2 Comparison: Storylane vs. Reprise

Pick the Right Interactive Demo Software

Investing your time and effort into the right interactive demo platform depends heavily on your company's budget, interactive demo use cases, features you require, and the size of your company.

Here's a quick breakdown of when each demo software would be best suited for your team based on various factors.

But whether you're a small startup or a growing enterprise, the best way to evaluate Storylane alternatives is to ideally try the product yourself.

Interactive demos are meant to guide users to the "aha moment" faster, so interactive demo platforms should aim to show, not tell.

To get started, have a look at this interactive demo created using the no-code demo platform, Supademo. Not only Supademo is ranked #3 as one of the user-friendly demo platforms on G2, but we also offer useful features to make your work easier such as AI assistance, and multi-step demo creation.

Wanna try it out? Sign up for a free plan or trial here. (We won't ask for credit card details.)

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