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Top 6 Storylane Alternatives for SaaS (2024)

In the competitive SaaS market, interactive product demos can be a game-changer for your startup. Why? Interactive demos offer an on-demand, engaging, and personalized product demonstration that static screenshots or lengthy, unengaging videos can't match. If you're already familiar with platforms like Storylane, you might be well-versed with its capabilities.

However, the Storylane's complex user interface and performance might be a sticking point, especially for growing startups that are looking for a user-friendly, feature-packed demo platform that just works.

Why Consider Alternatives to Storylane?

Storylane is undoubtedly a powerful tool, enabling you to create interactive product demos relatively quickly. However, it does have its drawbacks.

Some users have reported challenges with an overly complex UI, platform lagginess, challenging workflows for non-technical users, and a difficult HTML setup process. Additionally, Storylane's pricing may not suit all startup budgets.

So, if you're looking for a platform built specifically for fast-growing SaaS startups, exploring alternatives to Storylane could be a wise move.

1. Supademo: The Fast and Intuitive Storylane Alternative

Supademo is a fast-growing startup built specifically for fast-growing SaaS startups. It's primarily used to create a high count of step-by-step demos across enablement, customer success, pre-sales, and marketing.

Supademo's main competitive advantage when compared to Storylane is it's ease of use, fast time-to-launch, and included collaboration features out of the box.

Key Supademo Features

  • With Supademo AI, creators can easily add synthetic voiceovers, personalize step descriptions, or internationalize their demo to 15+ languages in one click.
  • The platform offers demo branching, which allows viewers choose their own journey for a more personalized, engaged experience.
  • It offers creators the ability to can mix-and-match multiple Supademos into a single showcase URL or embed - perfect for onboarding, training, or sales collateral.
  • Every paid Supademo plan comes with a collaborative workspace, where the entire team can analyze and organize Supademos as paid creators or free, read-only workspace viewers.

Supademo Pricing

Supademo's pricing is very competitive, with a free version for up to 5 demos. Paid plans start from $27/month per creator seat with unlimited demos - which is much less than Storylane's pricing of $40/month.

Supademo also offers a Scale plan at $38/month, which includes 1 creator and 20 free workspace members vs. Storylane's Growth pricing at $500/month, which includes 5 creators and no free workspace members.

G2 Comparison on Storylane vs. Supademo

2. The Storylane Alternative for Large Enterprises takes the second spot on our list. The platform is a sales and solutions-engineering-focused platform for creating demos, focusing on serving upper mid-market and enterprise companies. It's primarily used to create a low count of complex demos used for live sales demos and sales collateral.

Key Features

  • heavily focuses on complex HTML capture and editing, ensuring a high level of customization - down to every detail.
  • It offers a high level of personalization and integration to popular CRM tools like Hubspot.
  • also offers strong team collaboration features, allowing you to create demo templates and save them into a shared library. Pricing

Unlike Storylane pricing,'s pricing is based on the number of user seats and is available on request. Unfortunately, there is no free plan and you can't "try before you buy" with a self-directed trial subscription.

G2 Comparison on Storylane vs.

3. Navattic: A Direct Alternative to Storylane

Like Storylane, Navattic lets you create interactive product demos with a focus on complex HTML capture. The company focuses on lower to mid-market businesses, primarily focusing on sales and marketing use cases.

Key Navattic Features

  • Navattic allows you to embed demos onto your marketing website or use them for any other purpose, such as sending directly to prospects.
  • Navattic's intuitive interface is less complex than Reprise or Walnut, making it relatively easier to set up and create demos quickly.

Navattic's base pricing is $500/month for the 'Base' plan for unlimited creators, which is on par with Storylane pricing ($500/month for the 'Growth' plan, with five creators minimum).

Navattic also offers a $1,000/month plan for larger companies, with additional features available for extra cost. Unfortunately, there is no free plan and you can't "try before you buy" with a self-directed trial subscription.

G2 Comparison on Storylane vs. Navattic

4. Arcade: The Storylane Alternative for Simple and Playful Demos

Arcade Software is an excellent choice for marketing teams looking for demos that can be easily embedded onto websites, blogs, and social media. The company primarily focuses on startups, with a keen eye for design and playfulness.

Key Arcade Features

  • Arcade supports both video and audio in demos, making the tool lightweight and malleable to multiple use cases.
  • It includes built-in video editing and export features to streamline your demo creation workflow.
  • Arcade operates on a freemium model, making it accessible for smaller teams or startups.

Arcade Pricing

Arcade offers a free version for up to three publicly shared demos. Paid pricing plans start from $32/user/month, which is in line with Storylane pricing. The company's higher plans (starting at $42.50/month) are also comparable to Storylane's base pricing.

G2 Comparison on Storylane vs. Arcade

5. Tourial: The Enterprise Storylane Alternative Focused on Screenshots and Video

Tourial is a marketing-focused platform that offers a unique 'Demo Center' feature that allows you to create customized tours for your team. They primarily focus on enterprises and larger mid-market companies.

Key Tourial Features

  • Tourial uses screenshots and video capture to create product tours.
  • Tourial's 'Demo Center' feature is a standout, allowing for extensive customization of demos.

Tourial Pricing

Tourial offers a single base platform package with unlimited demos, user seats, demo views, integrations, and support. Pricing starts at $790/month (paid annually). Unfortunately, unlike Storylane's pricing plans, there is no free plan and you can't "try before you buy" with a self-directed trial subscription.

G2 Comparison on Storylane vs. Tourial

6. Reprise: The Storylane Alternative for Enterprise Marketing Demos

Reprise is a versatile demo creation platform suitable for organizations needing a unified platform for their marketing teams. It's primarily used to create a low count of complex demos embedded on websites as high-level product tours.

Key Reprise Features

  • Reprise enables you to build product walkthroughs, live demo overlays for sales, and explorable sandbox environments for prospects.
  • It offers enterprise-grade security, making it a reliable choice for large enterprises.
  • Reprise also integrates natively with analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Salesforce CRM, and Hubspot Analytics.

Reprise Pricing

Reprise's pricing is tailored and available on request, which makes it difficult to compare to Storylane's pricing. There is no free plan and you can't "try before you buy" with a self-directed trial subscription.

G2 Comparison on Storylane vs. Reprise

The Top Storylane Alternatives, Compared

Final Thoughts on Storylane Alternatives

Selecting the right interactive demo platform depends heavily on your specific use case, the size of your company, and your specific needs and budget. The alternatives listed here range from affordable, ease-of-use focused platforms like Supademo to more technical enterprise-focused platforms like Walnut and Reprise.

But whether you're a small startup or a growing enterprise, the best way to evaluate Storylane alternatives is to ideally try the product yourself. Interactive demos are meant to guide users to the "aha moment" faster - so interactive demo platforms should aim to show, not tell.

See how Supademo performs as a Storylane alternative by signing up for a free or trial account here, no credit card required.

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