Interactive demo of Notion Calendar

What is Notion Calendar?

Notion Calendar is a versatile scheduling tool integrated within the Notion productivity platform, offering users the ability to plan, organize, and track events, appointments, and tasks seamlessly. Launched in 2024, it provides customizable calendar views, collaborative features, and integration with other Notion tools, empowering individuals and teams to manage their schedules and projects efficiently.

Who leverages Notion Calendar?

Notion Calendar, as a part of Notion's productivity suite, serves various use cases for individuals and teams including personal planning, team collaboration, project management, event planning, and content scheduling. Notion Calendar is utilized by individuals, small teams, startups, and larger organizations across various industries, including technology, marketing, education, and non-profit sectors. It caters to anyone seeking a flexible and customizable calendar solution integrated with their broader productivity and collaboration workflows within the Notion platform.

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