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How Easy uses interactive demos to enhance pre-sales workflow

Learn how one of Germany's leading software companies drives ROI across multiple departments with Supademo.

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deal closed using only Supademos
time saved per rep each week

Company size

250+ (Enterprise)

Use Cases

Pre-sales, marketing, trade shows, support docs, and more.


Tedious, high-effort demo creation process. Lack of integrations, tracking, and standardization.


Multiple 6-figure ARR deals closed with async Supademos only. 5 hours+ saved per week with demo automation.

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Supademo has been a huge asset across multiple departments and workflows across easy. We use Supademo across multiple departments, which cover all of our software solutions."
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Felix True
Head of Presales

About Easy Software

Easy's guiding principle is to always deliver data-driven intelligence, empowering individuals in businesses and organizations worldwide to succeed.

Easy ensures swift, worry-free, intelligent decision-making by providing automated, flexible, audit-proof processes and data. In this way, Easy frees up space and time for creativity and innovation, fosters valuable relationships, and ensures every individual's long-term business advantage and success.

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The Challenges

Felix, head of presales at Easy mentioned two key challenges his team was facing:

1. Tedious high-effort demo creation process

The sales team at Easy spent a significant amount of time and effort creating custom demo videos for their target persona. Apart from the demo creation process, organizing all of the demos was also a pressing problem.

Once a demo was created, it would get lost in the mess, making it difficult for sales reps to find the needed demo. As a result, the team often creates the same demo even when the demo is already there.

2. Lack of integrations and smooth workflows

The demos created were disorganized, and the Easy team’s tech stack didn’t seamlessly integrate into their existing workflows and use cases across multiple departments. This led to a lot of delays in demo delivery, missed lead follow-ups, and revenue loss.

The Solution

Felix found Supademo when the team was looking to solve the pain points through a demo automation platform to help them:

  • ✅ streamline their pre-sales workflows
  • ✅ reduce friction points in the sales cycle and
  • ✅ cut demo creation time and promote better team collaboration
  • Here’s how the team at Easy uses Supademo’s different features:

    1. Generating leads through gated demos;

    The marketing team at Easy uses interactive demos as a gated asset. Through demo gating features, they preview different features embedded directly on our marketing website.

    So, a website visitor has the flexibility to interact without any commitment, and if they seem interested, they have the option to reach out within the demo.

    2. Enabling customers and prospects throughout enablement;

    Easy's pre-sales team uses demo automation throughout the customer buying journey to visually guide them through product benefits and features. This accelerates time-to-value, guides customers to the "aha moment", and helps close more deals faster.

    3. Share product teasers during trade shows;

    The sales team built multiple interactive demos showcasing various features at trade shows. The demos gave a real-time view of the product, capturing the audience’s attention without the need to create and present a looping video-based demo.

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    Supademo’s ease of use and multi-functionality helped the team at easy scale and automate their demo process. The team closed multiple 6-figure ARR deals through self-paced interactive demos built using Supademos.

    "We not only created lots of Supademos for different use cases, but our AEs just closed their first deals using just Supademo."
    Felix photo
    Felix True
    Head of Presales

    Also, Felix’s team was able to bring down their demo creation process by 5 hours, which showed a significant increase in client interaction and follow-ups. Here, in a nutshell, how Easy achieves these goals with Supademo:

  • 🏁 Embeddable product walkthroughs created in minutes, generating higher website engagement.
  • 🏁 Smooth team collaboration, as different teams could fetch demos from the demo library, saving a lot of time by eliminating the need to create duplicate and repeated demos.