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How ProcessMaker achieves demo automation across multiple departments

Learn how ProcessMaker leverages Supademo as a demo automation tool in pre-sales, product marketing, customer success, and documentation.

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faster documentation and maintenance
time saved by solutions engineer each week

Company size

250+ (Enterprise)

Use Cases

Pre-sales, marketing, onboarding, training, documentation, and more.


Building custom demos for unqualified prospects, limited client interaction due to the demanding demo process, lengthy sales process involving a lot of friction.


8-10 hours saved each week per rep on demo automation, 20% time savings on product documentation, double-digit % increase in deals closed.

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Supademo has completely transformed our early-stage demo motion. Gone are the days of custom demos for unqualified prospects."
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Casey O'Brien
Solutions Consulting Director

About ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker is a rapidly scaling, enterprise-grade platform for business process and workflow automation. Headquartered in Raleigh-Durham, ProcessMaker boasts over 250 employees who deliver exceptional enterprise business process management (BPM) software, along with tailored customer support, training, and professional services.

The Supademo team recently sat down with Casey, Andreas, and Kirill from the ProcessMaker team to learn more about how they leverage Supademo across pre-sales, documentation, onboarding, and training to drive positive outcomes across the entire organization.

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The Challenge

ProcessMaker's demo creation process was tedious and time-consuming (8-10 hours for a single demo creation for only a specific prospect) and was filled with friction. The sales team at ProcessMaker pointed out two key pain points before using Supademo:

1. Building custom demos for unqualified prospects

Here’s what a typical day looked like for the sales team at ProcessMaker. An account executive (AE) would briefly meet with clients to understand their challenges and workflows. Then, the collected information will be passed on to one of the sales reps, who will jump-start working on delivering a custom demo.

At this step, a lot of friction happened.

Creating a personalized demo for a prospective buyer was a time-consuming process that often did not lead to a deal. The team would spend eight to ten hours on a single demo, which was a significant drain on resources.

A core issue we identified was that the team was often spending a lot of time creating custom demos, guides, or walkthroughs for unqualified prospects.

Ultimately, this led to a lot of wasted time, a huge amount of burden and effort for already busy staff, and a diffusion of focus on targeting the right prospects.

Casey O'Brien
Solutions Consulting Director

2. Limited client interaction due to the demanding demo process

As the sales team poured much of their time into creating custom demos, they had little time to interact with many prospects. The sales cycle was longer due to custom demo creation to answer each prospect’s pain points.

The ProcessMaker sales team needed a tool to help them create demos more efficiently and collaborate better as a team. They wanted to scale their demo call numbers and reduce the time it takes to create custom demos for each prospect.

Prior to Supademo, we were spending countless hours putting together demos and videos across discovery, qualification, training, or simply answering common questions. Creating these could take upwards of 8-10 hours, which is both painful for us, but also less engaging for prospects.

Andreas Moekesch
Solutions Consultant

3. Lengthy sales process involving a lot of friction

If a prospect had specific queries, the team would go through this process:

Prospect reaches out to them → Ask them to book a call (it can be days or weeks to find the right time) → Create a custom demo for that specific use case → Ask for feedback from team members → Get on a call and deliver the demo.

This process involved a lot of friction between the initial contact and the deal's closing. So, the team wanted a solution to overcome these friction points.

One of my pain points was how time-consuming it was to create product demos for both demonstrations and trade shows manually. The ability to create a Supademo in minutes and the ability to showcase these at conferences has saved us an incredible amount of time!

Kirill Stolbushkin
Solutions Consultant

The Solution

Supademo was a seamless and efficient addition to ProcessMaker’s sales process.

With Supademo, the sales team at ProcessMaker experienced a significant shift. They could now create a demo within 5 minutes, showcasing their product’s features in just 15 to 20 clicks. This not only saved time but also enhanced team collaboration and allowed them to focus on more client calls.

The final flourish was that once a demo was created, it stayed in the demo library. It works, and they didn’t have to change anything on the back end to make it work.

With Supademo, the sales team at ProcessMaker went on to use interactive demos for different use cases:

  • Use Supademos to answer FAQs: The ProcessMaker team used Supademo to create a host of FAQ demos. These demos were instrumental in answering their prospects' post-sales demo questions promptly. Instead of guiding them to read a help doc, the team offered quick demos, enhancing the customer experience.
  • Quickly address the prospect’s question with no friction: Creating an interactive product demo became a breeze with Supademo. The ease of use empowered our sales reps to develop demos within minutes of a prospect’s query, eliminating the need to wait for days or weeks for a custom demo. This not only accelerated the sales cycle but also instilled a sense of confidence in our team.
  • "Prior to Supademo, we were spending countless hours putting together demos and videos across discovery, qualification, training, or simply answering common questions. Creating these could take upwards of 8-10 hours, which is both painful for us, but also less engaging for prospects."
    Andreas photo
    Andreas Moekesch
    Solutions Consultant

    Apart from sales, Processmaker’s marketing and consulting team uses interactive demos for various other use cases:

  • Training and documentation: Supademo is not just a sales tool at ProcessMaker. It is also used across ProcessMaker University to illustrate products and features interactively, driving product adoption and expansion in a self-guided way. It is also used to train content for new clients during the onboarding process.
  • Demo templatization: ProcessMaker's product team builds templates to help customers build new processes. They leverage Supademo to create walkthroughs for each template to drive usage outcomes. The team embedded self-serve product education for different personas and features on our marketing sites, including feature overview pages.
  • The Results

    With the adoption of Supademo, ProcessMaker witnessed significant improvements in their sales process. They were able to offer real-time sneak peeks into multiple features, create customizable demos, and automate manual demo creation, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

    As a platform, Supademo is user-friendly and has helped us create content and add value to our customers in just a few minutes. Best of all, the quality of what we can produce versus, say, a Loom or complicated demo with a manually recorded human voice is very noticeable.

    Here, in a nutshell, how ProcessMaker benefited from Supademo:

    ✅ Everyone on the team could create and share demos quickly with our Intuitive demo builder.

    ✅ Sales reps were able to fetch pre-made demos for specific use cases or FAQs discussed during live sales call

    ✅ Clients time to value decreased as they got a self-paced demo for different use cases at their own pace.