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Testimonial 01
Jon Lo
Co-founder & CEO
"It's so sick. I've recommended so many people now and am using it. Don't know how I got by without it before!"
Testimonial 02
David Kobrosky
Co-founder & CEO
"Supademo is awesome, we're using it as the main way to show off Intros AI to our customers!"
Testimonial 03
Soren Colton
Director of Solutions
"We love it! We signed up for the pro version for the extra features, completely worth it! Very easy to use for demos or tutorials."
Testimonial 05
Daniela De Almada
Head of Marketing
"I absolutely love Supademo. We are using it for so much more than just showcasing use cases in our home page!"
Testimonial 04
Eddison Ng
Co-founder & CTO
"After embedding Supademo and A/B testing on our website, our session duration improved dramatically with page views increasing by 267%."
Testimonial 05
Victoria Kim
Product Marketing Manager
"Supademo is SO GOOD. We're using it for all of onboarding documents now."
Testimonial 06
Nathan Sudds
Digital Consultant
"Supademo is awesome! 🔥 I can't believe how quickly I was able to create a demo of my app just by browsing in Chrome and then editing the prompts. I've tried a lot of tools like this but nothing worked as effortlessly!"
Testimonial 04
Richard Stiennon
Chief Research Analyst
"Within ten minutes, I had recorded my first demo and published it to Substack. Our dev team has added tutorials to our own SaaS app already. Thank you for creating such a simple and intuitive tool for creating demos."
Testimonial 06
Leonard Korkmaz
Product Marketing Manager
"Awesome product. I highly recommend Supademo for anyone who needs to create demos. The app is simple to use, yet powerful enough to create high-quality material quickly and easily."
Testimonial 05
Lucien Lu
Digital Marketer
"Way better than Loom or Scribe. Supademo is 10x better than any other product I've seen."
Testimonial 06
Eric Reynolds
Marketing Agency Owner
"Must needed extension! Supademo is the perfect tool for educators, web design agencies, software providers, and helpful for pretty much any individual, company, or organization that needs to train or provide step-by-step tutorials."
Testimonial 04
Rocky Shah
Senior Product Designer
"Supademo is intuitive, simple, and highly effective. This is a tool that can benefit a range of functions like marketing, design, engineering, and more. Personally, I use it to recreate live flows to share with my product teams at LinkedIn."
Testimonial 05
Akshay Badiger
Product Marketing Manager
"Kudos to the entire team for building something this awesome! I'm loving Supademo 🔥"
Testimonial 05
Nick Tarsi
Sr. Associate Partner
"Changing the game for creating an easy to click-through demo! Highly recommend to those in sales/business development."
Testimonial 05
Ali Azimi
Co-founder & CEO
"I love Supademo. Followed the journey from closed beta to the official launch. Supademo is simple, fast and looks awesome."
Testimonial 05
Robert Boka
Co-founder & CEO
"Great work, I’m thoroughly impressed. It’s literally saved me from getting on three phone calls just today by annotating a quick walk through in reply to a “how do I email” for a customer who hasn’t completed onboarding yet."
Testimonial 05
Stefan Alexiev
Co-founder & CEO
"Supademo is amazing. I am planning on redoing all of our help docs and walkthroughs with it. This is a no-brainer for anyone looking for walkthroughs or even just emailing customers guides on how to do something really quickly. Love it!"
Testimonial 05
Daniel Chiapetta
Lead Account Executive
"Came across Supademo online, tested it, and subscribed. Love the Supademo process for our pre-sales motions."

“Hands down the best demo product we've used so far. It's like Loom but 10x more intuitive, embeddable and slick."

Nathan Co-founder
Founder & CEO

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