Supademo Case Study

How Simple Testimonial simplifies support with Supademo

Learn how how Simple Testimonial leverages Supademo across customer success, onboarding, and support.

Can you tell us a bit more about Simple Testimonial?

I'm Justin and I'm the Co-founder and Head of Growth at Simple Testimonial. I'm also the Founder of Rock the Rankings, a leading agency that helps B2B SaaS companies scale demos and sign-ups with a predictable organic growth framework.

We help companies collect video testimonials that build trust and drive conversions. These can then be shared as a link or embedded anywhere in a few clicks - helping boost conversions by up to 38%.

What has your Supademo experience been like so far?

This product has been a game changer for us when it comes to making our product even more simple for our users to grasp, as well as helping them during the actual onboarding process. There's extreme value in having the ability to trigger that aha moment with users and showcase the simplicity of our product in just a few clicks, as well as to create in-depth onboarding documentation that users can simply click through and self-serve getting set up with our product.

Highly recommend - and again, this is one of the products in the interactive product demo space that's truly PLG driven - no booking a demo to see or use the product, no waiting for pricing from a sales rep. Try it, use it and you decide.

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What use cases have been the most valuable for SImple Testimonial?

Supademo is solving two core problems for our product:

  • It allows us to trigger that "aha, got it" moment with visitors to our website, which helps us to drive signups. We want to showcase just how simple our product is to use, and Supademo allows for just that.
  • It allows us to save time and resources related to support. We create demos for all of our onboarding steps, and FAQs we get so that we can share a step-by-step walkthrough with users, allowing them to self-serve on a lot of frequent questions and issues that we get.
  • “Hands down the best demo product we've used so far. It's like Loom but 10x more intuitive, embeddable and slick."

    James Co-founder
    Founder & CEO
    Testimonial 03
    Soren Colton
    Director of Solutions
    "We love it! We signed up for the pro version for the extra features, completely worth it! Very easy to use for demos or tutorials."
    Testimonial 05
    Daniela De Almada
    Head of Marketing
    "I absolutely love Supademo. We are using it for so much more than just showcasing use cases in our home page!"
    Testimonial 05
    Victoria Kim
    Product Marketing Manager
    "Supademo is SO GOOD. We're using it for all of onboarding documents now."
    Testimonial 06
    Nathan Sudds
    Digital Consultant
    "Supademo is awesome! 🔥 I can't believe how quickly I was able to create a demo of my app just by browsing in Chrome and then editing the prompts. I've tried a lot of tools like this but nothing worked as effortlessly!"
    Testimonial 06
    Leonard Korkmaz
    Product Marketing Manager
    "Awesome product. I highly recommend Supademo for anyone who needs to create demos. The app is simple to use, yet powerful enough to create high-quality material quickly and easily."
    Testimonial 05
    Robert Boka
    Co-founder & CEO
    "Great work, I’m thoroughly impressed. It’s literally saved me from getting on three phone calls just today by annotating a quick walk through in reply to a “how do I email” for a customer who hasn’t completed onboarding yet."